Engineering Support Services

Engineering Support

Engineering Support Services

GHB Intellect is a leading engineering support services firm that has the ability to offer support in an advisory role or jump head-in as the primary engineering wing of your business. Our team is made up of extremely talented subject matter experts with experience in all aspects of engineering. Our areas of expertise include cutting edge technologies, sciences, standards, and systems & components. We stay up to date on IP news and specialize in various technologies and industries with a service catalog that is growing continuously.

The services we offer include reverse engineering, product tear down, network evaluation, technology development, proof of concept (PoC), technical assessment, product manufacturing, and engineering standards. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently upgrade the capabilities of our clients, whether their primary needs include: systems engineering, systems maintenance and support, manufacturing, information assurance and security, product improvement, assembly, research and development, or project management.

Reverse Engineering

At the heart of GHB Intellect’s core competencies in the area of intellectual property is reverse engineering. We have the capability to reverse engineer circuitry, software/firmware code, systems, networks, and protocols.

GHB Intellect uses highly specialized laboratories (Electronics, RF/Antenna, Electron Microscopy, Emulation, etc.) as well as state-of-the-art test equipment for reverse engineering purposes

Product Teardown

High quality patent drafting services must focus on acquiring durable patents in the US that afford commercial advantage and withstand third-party challenges.

The patent application services we offer our clients include our expertise in developing, drafting, filing and prosecuting patents in a variety of technical and scientific fields.

Network Evaluation

The size of the networks are usually so large that the network cannot be accomplished without using specially-equipped motor vehicles that drive through them–hence the phrase “Drive Testing“.

Traditionally, testing is performed in metropolitan cellular networks to be processed and analyzed to determine functionality & performance: coverage, capacity, quality of service, conformance to standards, adherence to regulatory rules, subscriber experience, etc.

Technology Development

In general, our design team specializes in embedded systems. These include (but are not limited to) mobile phones, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, satellite communication, multimedia platforms, etc.

In particular, we have extensive design and development experience in most aspects of wireless and wired communication systems, multimedia platforms, and networking.

Proof of Concept

The purpose of our Proof of Concept (PoC) practice is to demonstrate feasibility. Generally, this is accomplished through prototyping new ideas.

We use breadboard, steel thread and other techniques to demonstrate functionality, whether to validate investment or to use to complete patent applications.

Engineering Standards

Our team has extensive standardization experience which can be invaluable in charting the best course of action through the techno-political maze of the standards bodies.

The experts on the GHB Intellect team are highly regarded in the standards communities and have experience in the development of engineering standards. We can represent you in various standards and special interest groups.

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