Subject-Matter Experts

We have built a hard-earned reputation for providing perfectly-matching, highly-specialized, subject-matter experts (SME) for each and every one of our clients’ projects. Our SMEs hold advanced degrees (MS or PhD) and have been co-authors of many of the industry standard specifications. They typically have numerous peer-reviewed publications and granted patents to their names. They also bring the benefit of decades of hands-on experience in various product, technology, and/or scientific developments at various large and small organizations. You can review a sampling of our hundreds of subject matter experts.

Of course, we realize that no team of experts is fluent at every subject matter. Thus, if we don’t have an expert perfectly matching your project, instead of forcing the issue with a general-purpose expert, we painstakingly search our extended global network to locate the right subject-matter expert for the job.

We have a long list of technologies and industries that we cover, and we are continuously adding to it.

We also specialize in project management. Our SMEs can help with reverse engineering, patent mining, product tear down, technology development, technology transfer and technical assessments of industries to assist with your IP Portfolio. The meticulous selection of the right SMEs for the job, the management of the team of SMEs and potential third-party vendors on the project, as well as the attention to details, schedule, budget, quality of service, and customer service are all part of the exceptional service we provide at no extra charge to our clients.

It is, in fact, the combination of our vast team of highly-specialized subject-matter experts and our customer-oriented project management processes that makes our services so invaluable to our clients. We bolster our experience and methodology by staying up-to-date on IP news and technological developments.