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As a full-service intellectual property consulting firm since 2007, we pride ourselves on bringing high-value services to leading intellectual property teams across the globe.  Founded by Dr. Ghobad Heidari, an industry-recognized technologist and a top IP strategist,  GHB Intellect is a  turn-key service provider providing intellectual property expertise and management support. Our clients include large and small technology/scientific companies, institutional and individual patent owners, companies involved in mergers/acquisitions and/or IP transactions, law firms preparing for patent disputes and litigation, and engineering firms with a need for outside assistance.

With a cadre of several hundred highly-credentialed and industry-seasoned experts, and equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and tools, we are the trusted source for technical information and a one-stop shop for all engineering and scientific services. Our intellectual property support services include: intellectual property management, intellectual property transactions, M&A advisorylitigation support, expert witness services and engineering.

By consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations in technology/science expert services, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading global intellectual property consulting firms and strive to continuously provide the highest value possible to our clients.

GHB Intellect has supplied over a decade of quality, reliability, consistency, and value to our clients, who trust us with their most critical projects while remaining confident that they will receive unparalleled expertise and unprecedented service related to intellectual property consulting.

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Intellectual Property Consulting Services

As a leading intellectual property consulting company, GHB Intellect provides a wide array of intellectual property support services ranging from individual tasks to complete turn-key solutions. Below you will find descriptions of our featured services. Please follow the links or icons displayed to learn more about specific service offerings in greater detail.

IP Management

The ownership of designs, publications, inventions, software, or media content creates the need for proper IP management. Our expertise covers knowledge of current IP laws, current technologies and standards, and current approaches to valuation of intangible assets. Our services in this category include patent portfolio management, patent portfolio mining, patent landscaping, technical assessment, patent valuation, and patent search services.

IP Monetization

The economics of intellectual property rights is highly consequential to most business transactions (M&As, IPOs, patent sales, or licensing). Our experiences include 50,000+ annual IP valuations on portfolios worth $500 million. Our services relevant to intellectual property economics include patent valuation, IP acquisition, and IP sales, patent portfolio mining, technical analysis, and reverse engineering.

M&A Support

In considering mergers & acquisitions or technology transfers, our M&A consulting services help clients determine which IP is most valuable to them and whether a specific transaction is beneficial. We offer highly complex analyses and scientific evaluations as part of our M&A advisory, including patent portfolio assessment, patent portfolio valuation, IP technology transfer, and IP acquisition and sale services.

Litigation Support

High quality expert services are crucial in achieving desirable results in IP disputes. With hundreds of highly credentialed and seasoned technical experts to tackle pre-litigation, litigation, and inter-partes review (IPR) cases and state-of-the art laboratories and equipment, we supply the required expertise and engineering support to ensure successful outcomes. These litigation support services include; testifying expert witnesses, technical consulting, valuation consulting, claim chart development, and reverse engineering.

Engineering Support

From an hourly engagement to a turn-key solution development, our engineering support services can quickly bolster the R&D and productization capabilities of any technology firm. Extensive hands-on experiences, unparalleled technical expertise, and highly sophisticated simulation, emulation & laboratory equipment allow GHB Intellect to provide exceptional engineering support solutions, including reverse engineering, product tear-down, network evaluation, technology development, proof of concept, manufacturing assistance, and engineering standards representations.

Intellectual Property Expert Witness Directory

With a cadre of hundreds and access to thousands of deep domain experts in technology, sciences and finance, GHB Intellect’s comprehensive intellectual property support services can help address any IP related tasks. Our consulting and testifying expert witness directory provides general and specific subject matter experts who are gurus  in their specialized fields (with advanced degrees, 10-30 years of experience in industry and standards, and numerous publications and patents). These experts are also adept at helping IP professionals in analyzing and monetizing patents and other IP, or by providing forensic research to a lawyer during a potential legal proceeding.

Whether during patent search and patent analysis, sophisticated reverse engineering, transfer of technology, expert testimony, or system design and development, our intellectual property consulting services include the perfect combination of expert know-how, experience and engineering tools to address our clients’ needs.

Because we have deep roots in the high-tech industry, we have an organically developed network of highly-qualified experts. We add experts to our team  on an as needed basis (when projects require them). These experts join our team through invitations only. They cannot typically be found in internet or social network searches. Yet, they are the most desirable type of experts, who know the most about the technologies and industries in which they are involved. As such, we are exceptionally proud of our team of subject matter experts, and consider it the backbone of our intellectual property consulting services.

Besides the exceptional caliber of our experts, what sets us apart from those who simply provide a database of self-proclaimed intellectual property experts, is that we dive deeply into the specific needs of our clients and stay engaged throughout the entire process. Our team of intellectual property project managers can handle every aspect of a project for our clients and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the highest quality of service.

Intellectual Property Consulting Services

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Featured Intellectual Property Technology

Intellectual property consulting and technology transfer go hand in hand in the modern business landscape.

Industry-specific knowledge is an absolute requirement for an intellectual property consulting firm to stay at the forefront of IP trends. We have detailed below some of the most common technologies our clients ask us about. If you are interested in tutorials on some of these technologies, please review our technology white papers.

Wireless Communications

Our communication expertise includes mobile/cellular,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, satellite, RFID, 60 GHz, etc. We are veteran experts & leaders of the wireless communication industry and standards communities.


Semiconductors (ASICs, SoCs, FPGAs, CPUs, Memories, etc.) are part of the core competency of our team. Our semiconductor experts cover all areas of the industry, from design to foundry and everything in between.

Information Technology

IT covers all applications of computers and telecommunications, including all forms of storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation of data. Our seasoned experts cover all individual IT specialties.


Our experts are well-versed in video, audio and image compression standards (MPEG4, H.264, H.265, DASH, AAC, AMR-WB, EVS, etc) as well as video, audio and image processing techniques (in TVs, set-top boxes, mobile devices, game consoles, etc.)

Medical Devices

From wireless endoscopes to medical imaging & digital hearing aids, our highly specialized experts assist with patient analyses, reverse engineering, technology transfers, and/or product development.

Network Security

Our experts create and assess all network or communication security protocols. Authentication, encryption, and association are all essential parts of our wired and wireless network experience.

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What Our Clients are Saying About Us…

GHB Intellect had a perfectly matching expert with deep knowledge of the process and decades of experience. They also had extensive resources to help us assess and determine solutions. They were very responsive and helpful in trying to understand and frame the exact problem we had and to give us potential work-arounds.

GHB Intellect has provided tremendous value to us and our clients in terms of technical patent analyses, industry intelligence, and especially sophisticated reverse engineering services over the last year or so. The quality of service and the level of expertise has far exceeded our expectations. I look forward to continue working closely with you in the coming years.”

GHB Intellect has been a fantastic source for technical subject matter experts in matters we have requested help on. Time and time again GHB Intellect has identified the right resource for us in a short amount of time even when only provided with a vague or broad technology description. The experts that GHB Intellect has provided in our cases have been top notch and are not only extremely qualified, but sophisticated and articulate.

GHB Intellect is a technical consulting company with a vast network of high quality experts, and an excellent ability to find just the right person for the job.

GHB Intellect is our secret weapon.

When I need help on a new patent case, GHB Intellect is my first source for top-rate technical expertise and analyses. With their help, no technical task is too great.

GHB Intellect takes the time to properly research each case and, as a result, only offers the best and most qualified individuals for each case. GHB Intellect is at the top of my list for all of my technical expert needs.

GHB Intellect has provided a consistently excellent reverse engineering service to our firm on a number of technically challenging projects. In particular, our firm found GHB Intellect’s expertise and experience with imaging and classifying complex structures invaluable.