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GHB Intellect, a division of GHB Services, LLC, is a full-service IP consulting (Intellectual Property) and engineering services firm with hundreds of expert professionals highly specialized in technology and sciences. Founded by industry veterans and accomplished innovators, GHB Intellect is led by strong, diverse management and advisory teams. Decades of experience, technology & science expertise, and industry connections are leveraged to help IP companies, high-tech corporations, and law firms achieve their goals.

Intellectual Property Consulting Services

Our IP consulting focus areas include:

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Each of our specialists has deep subject-matter expertise in his/her area of specialty through extensive academic accomplishments (typically a Masters or PhD degree) and decades of industry and standards practice. We have the know-how and the tools to bring immediate technical insight to your projects and to add substantial value to your business. You can learn more and get a detailed list of some of the technologies and industries we have experience in. We can scale our resources to fit your needs, be it the technical analysis of a patent portfolio, reverse engineering of a product, expert witness testimony, technical assessment & due diligence, or design and development of a technology/product. Learn more about Why GHB Intellect is an industry-leading IP consulting firm.


The individual members of the GHB Intellect management team were carefully chosen in order to ensure that every aspect of intellectual property and engineering expertise was well covered. The expert management team was hand-selected based upon their relationships within the IP community, their extensive educations, and their significant career achievements. We are pleased to share our primary decision makers and their backgrounds. For more information, please reach out to our team today!

Dr. Ghobad Heidari, Founder & President

Dr. Heidari has over 20 years of research, development, IP analysis, and management experience. His expertise areas include wireless communication systems and standards, medical applications, consumer electronics, satellite communications, and embedded systems. Since 2007, he has been involved with IP/patent evaluations, reverse engineering, expert testimonies, as well as wireless network designs and development. Previously, he served as VP of Engineering at WiLinx Corp, where he developed short-range, high-speed wireless communication systems. Prior to WiLinx, he was the VP of engineering at Olympus Communication Technology of America (an R&D center for Olympus Corp.), developing high speed wireless communication solutions suitable for both digital cameras and medical endoscopy. He has also held various positions at Quicksilver Technologies (working on reconfigurable hardware architectures), Nokia (developing CDMA mobile handsets), Ameritech Cellular (now AT&T, deploying the first CDMA cellular network in Chicago), and LCC (designing cellular CDMA and GSM RF networks).
Dr. Heidari has a PhD from Purdue University, has over 30 granted patents, has taught various courses at University of California, and was the chairman of the San Diego chapter of IEEE Vehicular Society for two years. He has had extensive experiences with and contributions to various industry standards (3GPP2, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, USB-IF, etc.). He is the author of WiMedia UWB for Wireless USB and Bluetooth, John Wiley & Sons, 2008.

Cyrus Emami, Director of Business Development

Mr. Emami has over two decades of experience in the software industry, with extensive skills in the areas of engineering, quality assurance, and user experience management. He has held various positions with IBM, HP, Motorola, and Dell. He was actively involved with three high tech startups from ground up in the role of business development. Cyrus received his BS in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin and his MS in Computer Science from Texas State University. He was elected president of Association of Professionals of Austin and also served as a board member at OptoMed Inc. He is an integral member of GHB Intellect thanks to his ability to identify and pair unique client needs with our core intellectual property consulting services.

Advisory Board

GHB Intellect’s advisory board is comprised of industry thought leaders in multiple fields and with decades of experience. Their knowledge and expertise  contribute immensely to GHB Intellect’s full service IP consulting and litigation support, helping to provide unparalleled  value to our clients.

Ross Farahani, PhD

Dr. Farahani received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 1980. Over the past 27 years he has been employed by several of the semiconductor industry leaders (United Technologies Mostek, SGS Thompson, AMD, and Intel), where he was instrumental in the development and integration of multiple innovative processes in semiconductors device fabrication and packaging assembly. Many of the processes are still in production. His work experience encompasses interconnect process technology development and integration for DRAM, Flash nonvolatile memory, microprocessor, and high voltage Bipolar. While at AMD, he also managed the integration group responsible for interconnect technology research, development and integration for high voltage bipolar technology. Dr. Farahani was an AMD Technical Fellow and has numerous publications and patents in the area of semiconductor interconnect metallization.

Graham Beaton, PhD

Dr. Beaton is a life sciences entrepreneur engaged in developing new product opportunities in healthcare and bolsters the GHB Intellect technology development service offering. He is President and co-founder of Epigen Biosciences Inc., a project incubator located in San Diego and co-founder and acting Chief Science Officer at Curtana Pharmaceuticals, an early stage startup engaged in the discovery and development of novel targeted treatments for glioblastoma and other brain cancers. Dr. Beaton has gained more than 20 years working experience in the healthcare sector with respect to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology from companies including Amgen, DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Neurocrine Biosciences.

Hossein Rahbar, PhD

Prof. Rahbar obtained his PhD degree in Statistics from Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1988. In 2008, Dr. Rahbar joined the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) as Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the School of Public Health. He also serves as Director, Biostatistics/Epidemiology/Research Design (BERD) component of Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (CCTS) at UTHealth. In 2012, Prof. Rahbar was appointed as the founding Director of the Division of Clinical and Translational Sciences (DCTS) in the Department of Internal Medicine at UTHealth.

Currently, he is a tenured professor in Internal Medicine and the School of Public Health. Prof. Rahbar is a member of several professional organizations including Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), American Statistical Association (ASA), Society of Epidemiological Research (SER), International Society for Autism Research (INSAR), Canadian-USA Clinical Epidemiology Network, Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute. He serves as a member of Advisory Group to the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding Maternal and Perinatal Health Research and Reproductive Epidemiology. He is Editor-in-Chief of American Journal of Autism (AJA) and recipient of several prestigious grant awards from NICHD, NIEHS, NHLBI, NINDS, DoD, and WHO.

Farah Babakhani, PhD

Dr. Babakhani has 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and diagnostic laboratory management. She was a key contributor to the microbiological development of the recently approved Fidaxomicin antibiotic and contributed to pre-clinical development of other anti-infectives. Her contributions have led to several peer-reviewed publications and patent authorships. Prior to working in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Babakhani managed a diagnostic clinical microbiology laboratory.

Our team and community is growing continuously. If you are interested in joining, visit our careers page.