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V2X Technology

V2X Market Forecast: Opportunities, Competition and Policies

How is V2X communication transforming the high-tech & transportation sectors? Vehicle to Everything (V2X) IP and R&D promises self driving cars, improved safety, environmental benefits and reduced congestion.

Smartphone Teardown

Inside the Smartphone Teardown Process

Why would an engineer or manufacturer perform a smartphone teardown? Product teardowns are essential to reverse engineering & benchmarking. We take a look at a recent iPhone X teardown and how this info may be used in IP Consulting.

Dallas Intellectual Property

GHB Intellect Announces the Opening of New IP Consulting Office in Dallas, TX

GHB Intellect Announces the Opening of New IP Consulting Office in Dallas, TX to meet the growing needs of technology & science companies in Texas.

Sprint and Ericsson

Sprint and Ericsson IoT Partnership

Sprint and Ericsson have announced their plans to develop a virtualized core IoT (Internet of Things) network & operating system. How will this impact IoT intellectual property?

Patent Infringement Examples

Patent Infringement Examples

Simply owning a patent will not alert you of patent infringement, it is up to the patent holder to bring a patent infringement litigation case to the unauthorized party in federal district court. How can you protect yourself from patent infringement and how can you identify it once it’s taken place.

Regional Patent Offices

A Guide to Finding the Right Regional Patent Offices & Trademark Resources

View our guide on the numerous regional patent offices, resource centers, call-support lines, classes, and databases to help you through the patent process.


Patents 101

Patents grant the property rights to an invention. Applications are submitted to the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for a 20 year term. There are three types of patents namely, design, utility, and plant patents. The claims are the heart of a patent, in that they define the limits of exactly what the patent does, and does not, cover.

Breaking down the Sprint T-Mobile merger

The Sprint and T-Mobile merger is expected to be a major development in the rollout of 5G. Both parties are hopeful that the FCC will approve the merger citing increasing competition in the segment as well as the potential national GDP growth if the US can remain a mobile technology leader.

LESI 2018 in San Diego, CA

GHB Intellect is looking forward to the 2018 Licensing Executives Society Inc. (LESI) Annual conference in downtown San Diego. The LESI 2018 6-day event will be taking place starting on April 28th 2018 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel.


GHB Expert Insights on Broadcom / Qualcomm Deal

We approached our, various, highly experienced Subject Matter Experts to provide insight on Broadcom buying Qualcomm and what can be expected in the international race to 5G. Why the Broadcom Qualcomm merger failed? What our experts expect from Qualcomm and Broadcom moving forward.

Job Post: Intellectual Property Project Manager | San Diego, CA

We seek an IP (intellectual property) project manager with general knowledge of different fields of science and technology who can combine his knowledge with his communication skills to manage IP analysis projects using GHB Intellect’s team of high-tech experts and scientists.

Job Post: Intellectual Property Business Analyst | Seattle, WA

The Intellectual Property Business Analyst will work across diverse IP portfolios to help make them market ready. The Company will rely on the Analyst’s ability to produce insights about the IP portfolio by analyzing the data and developing material, including marketing materials, to communicate the technical and business value to potential customers.

IP Prosecution

IP Law: Prosecution, Litigation and Counseling

IP prosecution involves pre-grant prosecution and negotiation with a patent office for the grant of a patent, while the post-grant prosecution relates to amendments and oppositions.

IP Consultants - GHB Intellect

2017 Ends with a Celebration of 10 Years as IP Consultants

As 2017 comes to a close, the team here at GHB Intellect has much to celebrate. First, it was a year that brought us growth from many directions. We expanded our service offerings and increased the number of experts on the team tremendously.

Wireless Technologies Changes

Wireless Technologies Changes & Challenges of Antenna Design

“Wireless” devices are so common in everyday life, that almost no one thinks of the literal meaning as “not needing wires.”  The devices we now carry around with us would be useless if they had to be connected like a land line phone.


IIPLA 2017 | 2nd Annual Meeting Silicon Valley

Annual Meeting of International Intellectual Property Law Association, Inc. (IIPLA) is the leading event in the West USA. Attended by hundreds of participants from more than 30 countries.

In October 2017, representatives of world’s biggest companies (including Microsoft, Uber, Blackberry, EPO etc.) will come to share their experiences at IIPLA Annual Meeting. They will be joined by global media, people from leading law firms, IP Experts, Owners and Investors for 2 days of acclaimed networking.

10 Years of IP Consulting

GHB Intellect Celebrates 10 Years of IP Consulting!

The midway point of 2017 signifies a major milestone for GHB Intellect, having now provided 10 years of patent and IP services to our clients. This anniversary not only celebrates the growth of our intellectual property firm, but also the hard work and dedication of the entire GHB Intellect team.

Importance of IP and Patents – Patent Portfolio Valuations

The following is an excerpt from the published article entitled Patent Portfolio Valuations – Importance of IP and Patents by IP Watchdog. The featured article was written by GHB Intellect’s Chief Strategy Officer and valuation expert, Dr. Masoud Vakili.

IAM Strategy 300

GHB Intellect’s Founder Recognized as Top 300 IP Strategist

Intellectual Asset Management Magazine has selected GHB Intellect founder, Dr. Ghobad Heidari, to the 2017 IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists. According to IAM Magazine, this annual list is comprised of specialists who “in developing and rolling out world-class IP value creation programs.”



At this event, Dr. Ghobad Heidari, will moderate a panel of experts as they discuss 5G and New Communication Technologies. In this panel discussion, five distinguished wireless industry veterans present their views on the wireless industry and shed light on the challenges we will be facing to achieve expected goals.

IP Market Development

IP Market Development

IP market development is the abstraction of value. To learn more about valuations please read about the Intellectual Property Valuation Services we offer.


IIPLA Webinar: Patent Portfolio Valuation Fundamentals

In this webinar, Dr. Masoud Vakili, a world-leading figure in patent portfolio valuation who has been involved in patent transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, will give a comprehensive account of different patent portfolio valuation methods and their applications.

Daubert Standard

Does Your Litigation Support Plan Include Daubert Standard Rules?

The Daubert standard provides a rule of evidence regarding the admissibility of expert witness testimony during a United States federal legal proceeding. The rule of evidence, also known as the law of evidence, covers the principles that govern the proof of facts in a case.

Designing to Evolving 4G & Pre-5G Requirements- DesignCon 2017

This tutorial, presented at DesignCon 2017, provides a critical look at the potential opportunities for 4G & pre-5G technology. Slides from the presentation are available here for free download. Additionally, a recap of the presentation can also be found.

5g timeline

Is 5G Here Yet?

It has become a regular topic of conversation for many people in the tech industry; “What are your thoughts on the approaching 5G transition?” There are many aspects to consider when approaching this question. GHB Intellect answers this question using a practical understanding of 4G and 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN).

LTE EPC Technology White Paper

LTE EPC Technology White Paper

The following LTE EPC Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and is part five of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

Smart Cars Will Speed Up IoT Innovation

We will be discussing several aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the article below. First, we will provide a brief summary of IoT. Then, we will discuss how the technology market, patent trends, and government interventions will continue to influence it. The changes to the automotive industry will also be further examined to show why it will remain a segment leader in innovation for connected-devices.

LTE Mission Critical Services Technology White Paper

LTE Mission Critical Technology White Paper

The following LTE Mission Critical Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Mission Critical Services and is part four of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

How To Choose A Patent Expert Witness

Choosing a Patent Expert Witness – Infographic

In a complex legal and engineering world, it can be difficult to understand how an intellectual property consulting firm fits into the broader scope of portfolio analysis, reverse engineering, and other needed expert work. The following infographic will help explain “How GHB Intellect Chooses Experts.”

Protect Your Consulting Experts

In many, if not most, IP cases the utilization of both consulting experts and testifying experts is common. One key difference between the two is the ability for the opposing counsel to depose a testifying witness while the work of consulting experts is generally protected as part of work-product privilege.

LTE V2X Technology White Paper

LTE V2X Technology White Paper

The following LTE V2X Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and is part three of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

Find an Expert Witness

How to Find an Expert Witness

When handling cases involving these complex IP issues, often in regards to technology, the choice of a knowledgeable expert can be critical to determining the relevant facts of a case and interpretation of those facts. A combination of external legal counsel and a company’s in house resources is necessary to determine what type of expert will be needed as well as creating criteria for the selection of a qualified expert from the desired field.

LTE ProSe Technology White Paper

LTE ProSe Technology White Paper

The following LTE ProSe Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Direct and Proximity Services (ProSe) and is part two of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

Biotechnology Experts go High-Tech with Medical Devices for the Paralyzed

Primarily, biotechnology is any technology based on living organisms. This may be harnessing molecular and cellular processes, or creating technologies and medical devices that replicate these processes in order to improve our lives.

LTE IMS Technology White Paper

LTE IMS Technology White Paper

The following LTE IMS Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) and is part one of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

What is Big Data and Machine Learning

There is a lot of talk in the industry about how big data is shaping the future of business and everyday life, but what is big data and what does machine learning have to do with it?

LTE GCS Technology White Paper

LTE GCS Technology White Paper

The following LTE GCS Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Group Communication Services (GCS) and is part one of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.

Patent Trolls and NPEs

GHB Intellect is keen on keeping abreast of the latest and the greatest in the intellectual property (IP) industry and the needs of the IP professionals from all perspectives. We strive to stay current and objective in order to provide unbiased, invaluable service to our clients.

Wireless Technologies Evolution

Explosive Evolution of Wireless Technologies

Wireless communications has come a long way from its early days, evolving at an exponential speed.
One of the more rapidly evolving wireless technologies is mobile communication. It was only in the 1980’s that the first analog cellular phone networks (AMPS, in the US) was commerically deployed.

IP Consulting Website

GHB Intellect Rolls out its New Website

It is our pleasure to introduce our new and improved website. We hope that the new design and the additional content present sufficiently interesting reading for all who visit our site.

hardware reverse engineering

Hardware Reverse Engineering

As the term implies, reverse engineering (RE) is the act of taking apart an engineered or designed product or device back to its elemental engineering/design components. The motivation for such an act may be varied anywhere from competitive analysis and patent infringement detection to legacy design recovery.

Expert Witness Services

Do I Need Expert Witness Services? – Infographic

The following Infographic has been created by GHB Intellect to answer the question “Do I Need An Expert Witness?” Additionally, a background and several key questions that need to be answered when determining what an expert witness has the ability to do and how to select the right expert for your needs are also identified.

Why are Prior Art Searches so Inconsistent

If you have ever dealt with professional prior art searchers for high technology/science, you know that you can never be sure what report quality you are going to get at the end of the project. Of course, you commission the search because you do not have the prior art information you are looking for.