Intellectual Property Management Services

Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management Services

Intellectual property management is a term used for describing the oversight of intangible assets like designs, publications, inventions, software and music. According to the USPTO report on intellectual property and the US economy, 81 out of 313 total industries are considered IP-intensive and account for about 28 million jobs in 2014. In 2010, this number was only 800,000 and is expected to keep growing. This trend tells us that intellectual property development is no longer a small, secluded area of business management and the need to monitor and strategize on IP assets of the business on an ongoing basis is very important.

We support intellectual property management through our decade long IP experience, our deeply specialized subject matter expertise and industry and market knowledge of high technologies and sciences. We provide patent portfolio management, patent mining, patent landscape analysis, technical assessment, technology transfer, product tear down, patent valuation, and patent search assistance. Our team of highly qualified experts bring their knowledge of IP and specific technology expertise to manage your IP portfolio and help you with your IP strategy.

Portfolio Management

In 2011, Nortel’s $4.5 billion sale of 6,000 patents changed everyone’s view of the value of patent portfolio management. Savvy companies now place the same weight on a strong patent portfolio as they do on their other assets.

The portfolio management services we offer our clients include valuing, identifying, acquiring and selling relevant IP that can be used to strengthen market share, diversify, and ensure ROI.

Portfolio Mining

Since not all patents in a portfolio hold the same value, it is not advisable to spend substantial amount of time on research and analysis of every patent.

Our portfolio mining report is to identify and rank the potentially valuable patents based on key, objective factors such as likelihood of use, validity concerns, detectability, market size, etc. We do this with minimal expense to the client while maintaining a high level of confidence.

Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape analysis shows a snapshot of the competitive position of the patent portfolio and the associated technologies/products in the overall market.

We perform detailed searches and analyses that result in high-quality reports that are typically used for R&D investment decisions, technology transfer due diligence, or even policy guidance.

Patent Analysis

Complex intellectual property strategies require a deep understanding of the market, the current intellectual property landscape, and absolute expertise in the specific technology/science involved.

We perform the highest-quality and most comprehensive research available, including; patent claim charts (Evidence-of-Use charts)IP reverse engineering, IP valuation, and any other strategic, engineering, scientific, financial, or marketing support necessary.

Patent Valuation

Expert intellectual property valuation tries to determine the appropriate monetary value of intellectual property assets.  This is a critical aspect of any IP transaction, reducing risk and increasing profitability.

Our IP valuation services include evaluating the technology/science of the invention(s), identifying markets and competitors, and assessing legal concerns. Then, we define the most appropriate valuation model, leading to an accurate financial guidance.

Patent Search

Conducting patentability analyses and developing design-around strategies allow our clients to avoid all sorts of expenses from unnecessary invention filings to avoidable infringements. As a result, they can direct their precious R&D budgets more effectively.

Our IP search services include: patentability, patent validity (or invalidity),  FTO or clearance, and state-of-the-art (landscape) searches.

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