Our Clients vary in size and business demands. We provide full service Intellectual Property Consulting with tailored solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. Our clients share their thoughts on why they chose us and our experts.

“GHB Intellect has provided tremendous value to us and our clients in terms of technical patent analyses, industry intelligence, and especially sophisticated reverse engineering services over the last year or so. The quality of service and the level of expertise has far exceeded our expectations. I look forward to continue working closely with you in the coming years.”

– Partner, AmLaw 50 Firm

“GHB Intellect has been a fantastic source for technical subject matter experts in matters we have requested help on. Time and time again, GHB Intellect has identified the right resource for us in a short amount of time even when only provided with a vague or broad technology description. The experts that GHB Intellect has provided in our cases have been top notch and are not only extremely qualified, but sophisticated and articulate.”

– Director, Patent Licensing Firm

“GHB Intellect is a technical consulting company with a vast network of high quality experts, and an excellent ability to find just the right person for the job.”

– Partner, AmLaw 5 Firm

“GHB Intellect is our secret weapon.”

– CEO, Patent Licensing Firm

“When I need help on a new patent case, GHB Intellect is my first source for top-rate technical expertise and analyses. With their help, no technical task is too great.”

– Partner, IP Litigation Boutique

“GHB Intellect takes the time to properly research each case and, as a result, only offers the best and most qualified individuals for each case. GHB Intellect is at the top of my list for all of my technical expert needs.”

– Associate, High-Rank IP Law Firm

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