Intellectual Property Consulting Services

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Intellectual Property Consulting Services

For more than a decade, GHB Intellect has been a global Intellectual Property Consulting Firm providing industry-leading Intellectual Property Consulting Services. Our clients are some of the most cutting-edge technology companies as well as IP law firms and individuals. We leverage the best experts in each industry and utilize the most advanced technologies, tools, and equipment available.

Our vast team of uniquely qualified technology, science, and IP subject matter experts. We also utilize an optimized expert designation process to assign perfectly matched experts to each and every project. Unlike many intellectual property consulting firms, our project management is performed by a specialist from within our own team. This means, the project manager is highly qualified to understand the requirements of the project. They select the optimal set of experts and ensure access to state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. Our process is uniquely designed to manage each project in a cost-effective way. This approach delivers the highest value and work product quality, gaining high praises from our clients.

The Intellectual Property Services We Offer

GHB Intellect provides an extensive array of services in intellectual property management. These include high technology and scientific areas, but also intellectual property development, valuation and management services. Our IP experts have provided transaction, engineering, and litigation support across the globe. We offer a large array of IP consulting services that can be generalized into the following categories.

Intellectual Property Development

The role of IP protection in developing new technologies and products is absolutely critical. We support intellectual property development through deeply specialized subject matter expertise and industry knowledge of high technologies and sciences. We provide patent search and patent drafting services, patent application assistance, patent prosecution support, and patent portfolio maintenance.

Intellectual Property Management

What is Intellectual Property Management? The ownership of designs, publications, inventions, software, or media content creates the need for proper IP management. Our expertise covers current IP laws, technologies and standards, and valuation approaches for intangible assets. Our services include patent portfolio management, patent portfolio mining, patent landscaping, technical assessment, patent valuation, and patent search services.

Intellectual Property Economics

The economics of intellectual property rights is highly consequential to most business transactions (M&As, IPOs, patent sales, or licensing). Our experiences include 50,000+ annual IP valuations on portfolios worth $500 million. Our IP economics services include patent valuation, IP acquisition and sales, patent portfolio mining, technical analysis, and reverse engineering.

M&A Advisory

We help clients consider mergers & acquisitions or technology transfers. Our M&A consulting services determine which IP is most valuable and whether a specific transaction is beneficial. We offer highly complex analyses and scientific evaluations as part of our M&A advisory. This includes patent portfolio assessment, patent portfolio valuation, IP technology transfer, and IP acquisition and sale services.

Patent Litigation Support

High quality expert services are crucial in achieving desirable results in IP disputes. We supply expertise and engineering support to help achieve successful results. Our IP litigation support includes all pre-litigation negotiations, litigation cases, and inter-partes reviews (IPR), and other IP disputes. We offer hundreds of highly credentialed and seasoned technical experts and state-of-the art laboratories and equipment. Utilize our testifying expert witness, technical consulting, valuation consulting, claim chart development, or reverse engineering expertise.

Engineering Support

We offer hourly engagements and turn-key solution development. Our engineering support can quickly bolster the R&D and productization capabilities of any technology firm. We have extensive hands-on experiences, unparalleled technical expertise, and highly sophisticated simulation, emulation & laboratory equipment. These areas of excellence facilitate exceptional engineering support solutions. Reverse engineering, product tear-downnetwork evaluationtechnology development, technical assessment, proof of concept, manufacturing assistance, and engineering standards representations offered.

The Intellectual Property Services We Offer

These general areas of intellectual property consulting services are not disjoint. The very inter-relations among these IP service areas that make us so uniquely qualified for such services. We are proud to be an experienced intellectual property consulting firm in a variety of technologies and industries. but just as importantly, in keeping current with the leading edge of our respective technologies and industries. We continue to work on products, designs, and standards to remain at the forefront of the most innovative technologies. This sharpens our technical and practical knowledge of state-of-the-art and keeps industry and technology expertise current.

A Methodical IP Consulting Approach

How we select our experts…

We follow meticulous processes in all aspects of our case/project management. The early stages of our diligent management process illustrated below are implemented to achieve successful results. Learn how the project manager chooses the right experts and why our intellectual property consulting services are effective.

  • Understand the technical requirements of the case.
  • Map those requirements to qualifications to look for in an ideal expert.
  • Quickly identify a list of candidate experts in the network who are qualified for the case.
  • Ensure they do not have any conflicts of interest within the scope of the case.
  • Carefully review expert resumes and interview them with an eye towards determining if the required qualifications truly exist. (Keep in mind that reading between the lines in a resume or an interview is an art on its own. Only an expert in the general field can detect the nuances necessary to determine the candidate’s strength.)
  • Rank the candidates in various specialties and decide on the technical suitability of each candidates for the case. (Note, this judgment call best made by the project manager, who is a technical expert in the general field.)
  • Verify the technical suitability of the top candidate is on par with the requirements of the case.
  • If required, the search will extend to our global extended network. The project manager leads the extended search to create a more niche list of potentially suitable experts. The evaluation process repeats as above. But, references received from our experts are used to further evaluate capabilities, qualifications, and experiences of potential experts.
  • At the end of the process, a ranked list of experts who are most suitable for the case are presented to the client. This includes justification for rankings and expert recommendations for each different part of the case.

Once our client chooses one or more recommended expert, we offer project management services at no extra charge.

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