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Intellectual Property Technology Assessment Services

The technology included in most of our clients’ patent applications is quite complex and requires a deep understanding of broad engineering principles, the current intellectual property landscape, and process, and of course absolute expertise in the specific technology being used. Within many patent offices, the IP code allows the conduction of a Preliminary Technical Assessment (PTA). As Italian IP code expert, Daniela Ampollini puts it, “In practice, as an alternative to commencing ordinary proceedings or preliminary injunction proceedings, the claimant has the option of requesting the court to immediately appoint a court expert to assess the technical matter of the case.” The resulting report is a finding on the details of the claim and the next step will determine whether action continues or if a resolution can be agreed upon.

GHB Intellect has experience working with these court-appointed experts during an infringement claims and internally to target potential technologies for investment. We perform the highest-quality research that includes; patent claim charts, reverse engineering, and other engineering support. However, our experts can also help during the negotiation phase by providing patent valuations and other internal patent portfolio management services. This allows our clients to maximize their profits and improve their market position without having to be IP experts themselves.

What is a Technical Assessment?

A technology, or technical assessment, is the study and evaluation of new technologies. At the highest level, it is considered a process in which a scientific expert examines a specific technology to identify the cost-benefit analysis of the technology. It is a critical tool for firms with large patent portfolios to implement. Technology assessments require a focus on the technologies current under control through IP protections by the firm and an understanding of the technology industry is required in order to understand the value and position of the current patents.

Once a patent portfolio analysis has been completed, the focus turns to potential technology to invest R&D budget towards. First, it is important to have an understanding of how much the new technology is worth and how long it would take to develop it. This is an area where GHB Intellect has experience bringing immediate value to our clients. Beyond the initial technology under review, it is also important to identify and prepare for a long-term strategic IP plan. We also help clients with the technology development assistance, which may include help anytime during the application process, or even in our lab for reverse engineering purposes.

Technical Assessment Bodies

In the United States, most of our technical assessment projects are requested in order to provide direction for firms that are looking to expand their market share in a given technology segment. This may be an area where they already have hundreds of patents, or it could be a new area of research for them. In both cases, an outside perspective on the most valuable technologies can significantly improve the firm’s ability to prioritize R&D budget.

However, there are many government sponsored institutions with a goal of setting official technology assessment guidelines. Until 1995, the United States was home to the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), but was closed down. Now, the US Government Accountability Office is responsible for these guidelines and sharing bi-partisan scientific study results. But, particularly in Europe, there is a strong emphasis on future-focused technical assessments for the purpose of sharing unbiased results of testing with people who may not be experts themselves. Now, the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) is leading the way in terms of funding and communication between the institutions in Europe and around the world.

GHB Intellect has the ability to provide similar unbiased scientific assessments of your technology for the purposes of making the best possible decisions for your technology growth plan. We can help you maximize your R&D budget by focusing only on the right technologies for your portfolio.

Technical Expertise

We specialize in many high-tech and scientific industries that include specific technologies, products, standards, systems and components. You can get a quick overview of our technology and industry expertise if you want to learn more. As technological advancements continue to grow at an exponential rate, we also grow rapidly in our expertise. We are not only keeping pace with these industries, but we are leading them with the help of our hundreds of technology experts.

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