Supporting IP Litigation Law Firms

We were approached by a customer to help them with the development of a large number of Evidence-of-Use (EoU) charts for a patent litigation case for which they were about to file.

IP Monetization Due Diligence

We were contacted by a company (“Client”) specializing in development of vehicle safety solutions. The Client was ultimately interested in monetizing their patent portfolio.

Tier 1 Patent Valuation

We were contacted by a small company within the retail e-commerce industry to provide a Tier 1 financial valuation of their patent. The client’s patent portfolio consisted of one U.S. issued patent, covering a novel distribution method within the e-commerce space. 

Patent & Literature Search Network

An art search is an important tool throughout a patent’s entire lifecycle. Searches can comprise many parameters and provide necessary due diligence in, for example, patent prosecution, litigation, licensing, and mergers and acquisitions.

Patent Valuation of Multi-Camera Apparatus

In this case study, we determined the fair market value of a patent directed to a multi-camera apparatus that may be used in a technology transaction or, if needed, in a patent litigation.

Case Study: Patent Portfolio Quality Ranking and Analysis

Patent portfolio management strategy is an important factor in managing a firm’s intellectual property (IP) assets. In this case study, we discuss our patent portfolio strategy and analysis services and how it could potentially assist in streamlining and marketing a portfolio.

Base Station Antennas Case Study

Characterize the antenna array elements through measurements and simulations

Touchscreen Analysis Case Study Project

Determine the structure and material of the touchscreens

LED Device Structure Case Study Project

Teardown the LED devices and determine their construct

Stacked Chip Flexibility Testing Case Study Project

Qualitatively show the flexibility of the chips.