Case Study: Tier 3 Valuation of 3D Modeling and Digital Fashion Patent Portfolio

Patent valuation can be a complex and challenging process with numerous variables. Importantly, the valuation should take into account the intended purpose and the intended audience.

Case Study: Patent Litigation Support, Evidence-of-Use Charts

Patent litigation is a stressful and extensive process. Successful patent assertion planning requires finding the right partners who can help with various aspects of the process.

Case Study: Chemical Coating Product Development

Product development and intellectual property go hand-in-hand.  Solo inventors seeking to bring their idea to reality must balance development efforts and IP acquisition to protect that development.  This article describes some of the efforts we take to help facilitate an inventor with an idea.

Case Study: Li-Ion Battery Testing

In this case study, we performed studies to determine the charge cut-off voltage (max voltage) and anode/cathode capacity ratio for Li-Ion batteries found in several major smartphone and notebook products.

Case Study: Patent Valuation (Damages) of a Multi-Camera Apparatus

In this case study, we determined the fair market value of a patent directed to a multi-camera apparatus that may be used in a technology transaction or, if needed, in a patent litigation.

Doherty Power Amplifier Circuit Extraction and Simulation

In this patent infringement case study, we performed a detailed circuit extraction in order to determine the microwave integrated circuit (MIC) topology of the PA module. Based on this circuit extraction, we performed a non-linear circuit simulation to accurately show load modulations. In this case study, we purely focus on the circuit extraction.

Case Study: Technical Evaluation and Patent Valuation of a Vehicular Device

In this case study, we explain our process in determining the fair market value of a patent directed to a custom vehicular device designed for fleet operation and activities. Here’s how this valuation benefitted from a two-step approach: 1) a Technical Evaluation, which will be used as input to 2) a Fair Market Valuation. 

Case Study: Patent Portfolio Quality Ranking and Analysis

Patent portfolio management strategy is an important factor in managing a firm’s intellectual property (IP) assets. In this case study, we discuss our patent portfolio strategy and analysis services and how it could potentially assist in streamlining and marketing a portfolio.

Case Study: Patent Valuation of a Brewing Company

Strong patent portfolios are highly sought after. They establish a sense of confidence in creating high company valuation and providing leverage in certain transactions. In this case study, we provide an in-depth explanation of our services and market analyses to determine a fair market valuation of a brewing company.

Case Study: Fair Market Value for a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant Supplier

A common question that many businesses face is establishing and verifying how much their patent portfolio is worth. There is a multitude of factors that may impact your patent valuation, from your predicted cash flow to comparisons with similar and local industries whose work may align with yours.