Supporting IP Litigation Law Firms

We were approached by a customer to help them with the development of a large number of Evidence-of-Use (EoU) charts for a patent litigation case for which they were about to file.

IP Monetization Due Diligence

We were contacted by a company (“Client”) specializing in development of vehicle safety solutions. The Client was ultimately interested in monetizing their patent portfolio.

Tier 1 Patent Valuation

We were contacted by a small company within the retail e-commerce industry to provide a Tier 1 financial valuation of their patent. The client’s patent portfolio consisted of one U.S. issued patent, covering a novel distribution method within the e-commerce space. 

Patent & Literature Search Network

An art search is an important tool throughout a patent’s entire lifecycle. Searches can comprise many parameters and provide necessary due diligence in, for example, patent prosecution, litigation, licensing, and mergers and acquisitions.

T3 Valuation 3D Modeling & Digital Fashion Patent

Patent valuation can be a complex and challenging process with numerous variables. Importantly, the valuation should take into account the intended purpose and the intended audience.

Patent Litigation Support, Evidence-of-Use Charts

Patent litigation is a stressful and extensive process. Successful patent assertion planning requires finding the right partners who can help with various aspects of the process.

Patent Valuation of Multi-Camera Apparatus

In this case study, we determined the fair market value of a patent directed to a multi-camera apparatus that may be used in a technology transaction or, if needed, in a patent litigation.

Case Study: Patent Portfolio Quality Ranking and Analysis

Patent portfolio management strategy is an important factor in managing a firm’s intellectual property (IP) assets. In this case study, we discuss our patent portfolio strategy and analysis services and how it could potentially assist in streamlining and marketing a portfolio.

Case Study: Patent Valuation of a Brewing Company

Strong patent portfolios are highly sought after. They establish a sense of confidence in creating high company valuation and providing leverage in certain transactions. In this case study, we provide an in-depth explanation of our services and market analyses to determine a fair market valuation of a brewing company.

Market Value for Solar Power Plant

A common question that many businesses face is establishing and verifying how much their patent portfolio is worth. There is a multitude of factors that may impact your patent valuation, from your predicted cash flow to comparisons with similar and local industries whose work may align with yours.