Intellectual Property Economics & Monetization

IP Economics

Intellectual Property Economics

A strong understanding of intellectual property economics & monetization is the primary separator of the technology firms that perform the best. Through investment in the right patents at the right time, they are able to establish R&D budgets that go to income-producing assets. Patent value is not consistent for each patent filed and the short-term versus long-term benefits can vary significantly as well. No matter whether your firm is in the early stages of patent portfolio management, or have an expansive portfolio, we can help you to create new value and monetize the intellectual property you already own.

Our team of IP and technology experts can help with your IP development to maximize the monetization of your portfolio with expertise in patent mining, technical assessment, reverse engineering, patent valuation, and patent acquisition.

Patent Mining

The primary purpose of patent mining is to identify valuable patents that can be used to generate revenue by finding the right patents for your portfolio that address a lacking technology that can be used for a specific product.

We provide patent category segmentation and prioritize them for you based on potential ROI from the licensing of the IP or through litigation if necessary.

Technical Assessment

Complex intellectual property strategies require a deep understanding of broad engineering principles, the current intellectual property landscape, and absolute expertise in the specific technology being used.

We perform the highest-quality research available that includes; patent claim charts, IP reverse engineering, and other engineering support.

Reverse Engineering

At the heart of GHB Intellect’s core competencies in the area of intellectual property is reverse engineering. We have the capability to reverse engineer circuitry, software/firmware code, systems, networks, and protocols.

GHB Intellect uses highly specialized laboratories (Electronics, RF/Antenna, Electron Microscopy, Emulation, etc.) as well as state-of-the-art test equipment for reverse engineering purposes.

Patent Valuation

Expert patent valuation services should determine the appropriate value of intellectual property assets & is a critical aspect of any IP transaction by reducing risk and increasing profitability.

Our patent valuation services include evaluating the patent technology, identifying markets and competitors, and assessing legal aspects. From here, we define the valuation model that will result in the most appropriate guidance.

Patent Acquisition

The need for growth in a patent portfolio for technology firms is critical to their continued success and there are several ways to reach their market share potential. At GHB Intellect, we have extensive experience in developing and managing these assets.

We help clients to identify potential acquisition opportunities and help to negotiate and close those deals to maximize ROI and value based on individual priorities.

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