Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services include only those experts that possess certain personality traits and experiences that allow her/him to be comfortable and confident in an adversarial setting to be effective in trial. GHB intellect knows that not every subject matter expert (SME), no matter how brilliant and experienced, has what it takes to be an outstanding expert witness. We are very keen on properly vetting all of our experts for patent litigation support. This includes first evaluating technical expertise, credentials as well as conflicts and then personality. Please feel free to use our Expert Witness Directory to look up these technical experts and contact us if you need help sourcing the right person.

The Expertise of a Witness

First, the extent to which an expert has the experience and credentials necessary to have “probative value” in a case is of paramount importance and GHB Intellect records these aspects for each of its experts. These records include academic credentials accomplishments, such as degrees or certifications and publications. Also, professional experience is evaluated to be sure that, should the case require it, the person has adequate industry/academic experience to be an effective and reputable expert witness. These measures ensure that the testifying expert is “fit for the purpose” of the particular litigation case and avoids the risk of disqualification.

Potential Conflicts

Second, the expert witness candidate is vetted for potential conflicts of interest with respect to the parties involved in the case. There are subtleties in this area that may create conflicts that are sometimes not be even recognized by the experts themselves. As such, probative questioning regarding their past and present engagements and litigation/IPR cases are necessary to make sure no potential conflict is overlooked. Occasionally, the client is consulted during the vetting process. Our goal is to make sure our clients can trust us in our vetting process.

Expert Witness Personalities

Next, the expert is evaluated for personality traits that will make them useful in an adversarial environment. This may include background checks to ensure there are no criminal or civil records that would damage the credibility of the expert. In addition, experts will be interviewed personally to be sure they have both excellent communication skills and the stamina of character required to stand up to cross examination. If an SME is not well suited as an expert witness, we inform our clients up front. In such cases, we may recommend the use of the expert in a “consulting expert” role instead.

GHB Intellect is committed to ensuring any expert witness services we provide includes experts that are beyond reproach and capable of delivering “probative value” for our clients.  We are constantly recruiting new subject matter experts to expand our technologies, industries and specialties offered. Our experts can also assist with engineering support and technology development for your IP Portfolio.  Contact us for more information about our expert witness services and see why our clients give us such great testimonials.

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