Patent Mining Services

Patent Mining

Portfolio Mining Services

The primary purpose of portfolio mining is to identify valuable patents that can be used to generate revenue. The key to mining a patent portfolio reliably and cost-effectively is to have a diversified and strong technical/scientific team of highly specialized subject matter experts (SMEs). Categorizing the portfolio such that each SME will be able to quickly and authoritatively evaluate the merits and value of each asset will then allow the best use of the SMEs. At GHB Intellect, we have developed a highly efficient, phased process for portfolio mining that takes advantage of our team of hundreds of SMEs. If you would like to join our team of SMEs, visit our careers page. We provide technical assessment services to canvas various industries for emerging technologies to support the portfolios of our clients. Our efficiency and reliability has proven to be best in class, making our services highly competitive both in cost and in effectiveness for your intellectual property monetization strategy.

Once the portfolio is mined, we can move to developing evidence-of-use or indication-of-use charts against target products or standards. Then, based on the business goals of the client, we can proceed towards providing ROI through our additional support services for licensing or sale. We do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to determining the right targets to pursue and how to approach them to discuss a potential license/sale. Contact us for more information about Patent Mining, intellectual property management and other intellectual property consulting services.

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