Core Expertise
Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) design: DC/DC Converters Buck, Boost, Fly-Back, LDO, Charge pump, Bootstrap Capacitor Switching regulator to generate reverse polarity or higher and/or lower voltages. • Analog Circuits designs: Class A, AB, and C amplifiers, voltage follower (Common Collector, Common Drain), Common Gate or Common Base, Common Emitter or Common Source, Telescopic Cascode, Folded Cascode, current mirrors, high dynamic range low voltage cascode current mirrors, differential pairs, Op Amps, PTAT, Band Gap, comparators with hysteresis, LDO, and Feedback systems. • RF Mixers (Gilbert Cells), LNA, VCO, RSSI, high speed logic (ECL & SCL) for prescaler , and oscillator designs. • Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) circuit design in BiCMOS & CMOS using Si, SiGe, and GaAs Technology. • Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuits (Phase Frequency Detector (PFD), PLL Loop Filter, Charge Pump, VCO, Prescaler, and divide by N) and PLL system design (P, P+1) • Chip System level ESD protection to meet HBM, CDM, and MM standards, ESD device protection circuit for input, outputs, drivers, and RF circuits. • Probing de-capped and de-pacified ICs to debug chip’s circuits
Previous Companies
Qualcomm • Agere Systems, Inc. • Cadence Design Systems, Inc.