The following articles have been created as part of GHB Intellect’s IP Blog. Here you will find articles that outline current topics in the intellectual property industry like new technologies, patent laws, and IP service insight.

V2X Market Forecast: Opportunities, Competition and Policies

How is V2X communication transforming the high-tech & transportation sectors? Vehicle to Everything (V2X) IP and R&D promises self driving cars, improved safety, environmental benefits and reduced congestion.

Inside the Smartphone Teardown Process

Why would an engineer or manufacturer perform a smartphone teardown process? Product teardowns are essential to reverse engineering & benchmarking. We take a look at a recent iPhone X teardown and how this info may be used in IP Consulting.

Sprint and Ericsson IoT Partnership

Sprint and Ericsson have announced their plans to develop a virtualized core IoT (Internet of Things) network & operating system. How will this impact IoT intellectual property?

Patent Infringement Examples

Simply owning a patent will not alert you of patent infringement, it is up to the patent holder to bring a patent infringement litigation case to the unauthorized party in federal district court. How can you protect yourself from patent infringement and how can you identify it once it’s taken place.

A Guide to Finding the Right Regional Patent Offices & Trademark Resources

View our guide on the numerous regional patent offices, resource centers, call-support lines, classes, and databases to help you through the patent process.

Patents 101

Patents grant the property rights to an invention. Applications are submitted to the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for a 20 year term. There are three types of patents namely, design, utility, and plant patents. The claims are the heart of a patent, in that they define the limits of exactly what the patent does, and does not, cover.

Breaking down the Sprint T-Mobile merger

The Sprint and T-Mobile merger is expected to be a major development in the rollout of 5G. Both parties are hopeful that the FCC will approve the merger citing increasing competition in the segment as well as the potential national GDP growth if the US can remain a mobile technology leader.

GHB Expert Insights on Broadcom / Qualcomm Deal

We approached our, various, highly experienced Subject Matter Experts to provide insight on Broadcom buying Qualcomm and what can be expected in the international race to 5G. Why the Broadcom Qualcomm merger failed? What our experts expect from Qualcomm and Broadcom moving forward.

IP Law: Prosecution, Litigation and Counseling

IP prosecution involves pre-grant prosecution and negotiation with a patent office for the grant of a patent, while the post-grant prosecution relates to amendments and oppositions.

Wireless Technologies Changes & Challenges of Antenna Design

“Wireless” devices are so common in everyday life, that almost no one thinks of the literal meaning as “not needing wires.”  The devices we now carry around with us would be useless if they had to be connected like a land line phone.