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Are Ideas Intellectual Property?

In the consumer-driven world that we live in that is ever-changing, we are faced with many advertisements for brands, with imagery, lyrics, inventions, and ‘noise’ that holds a lot of value to the owners. But, are these ideas intellectual property?

How to Protect Intellectual Property in a Contract

One benefit of a contract in protecting intellectual property is that it can do the job better than and protect your idea more so than a patent can.

Are Client Lists Intellectual Property?

In some cases, client lists are protected as trade secrets. Trade secrets are legally protected, and it is illegal to use or disclose them without the consent of the owner.

What Protects the Intellectual Property Created by Artists?

There are often a lot of gray areas in intellectual property cases, especially where art is concerned. The work may not legally qualify for copyright.

What Happens to Intellectual Property When Someone Dies?

This is one of the major questions people have about intellectual property rights. Are they treated in the same way as other assets when somebody dies or are there different laws at play?

Is AR/VR The New Reality?

Augmented and Virtual Reality is literally changing how we see the world around us. It wasn’t long ago that everyone viewed AR/VR as nothing more than science fiction. Now, it has become a ubiquitous part of people’s life. The biggest shift was during the COVID-19 pandemic when there was a 50% increase in AR/VR purchases around the world.

Does China Have Intellectual Property Laws?

China has had some form of intellectual property (IP) protection since the 1980s. However, it is still considered a “second-class” nation in terms of its IP laws and enforcement practices. While there are some notable exceptions, the majority of Chinese businesses do not protect their ideas from being ripped off by other companies

The Cryptocurrency Explosion

Within the past five years, cryptocurrency has gone from a 25-billion-dollar industry to a multi-trillion-dollar powerhouse. However, cryptocurrency is still in its infancy as a financial institution. Let’s take a look at what cryptocurrency is, the current state of the industry, and what the future may look like with cryptocurrency.

What Government Agency Oversees the Protection of Intellectual Property?

There are a number of different types of intellectual property and they all have specific laws to protect them. But it’s most common for people to refer to the umbrella term of intellectual property when they’re talking about copyright, patents, or trademarks.

Are Trade Secrets Intellectual Property?

A trade secret is a way to protect information from being used by competing companies. The best examples of this are how Coca-Cola has kept their recipe a secret for many years and how KFC protects their 11 herbs and spices recipe.