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Does China Have Intellectual Property Laws?

China has had some form of intellectual property (IP) protection since the 1980s. However, it is still considered a “second-class” nation in terms of its IP laws and enforcement practices. While there are some notable exceptions, the majority of Chinese businesses do not protect their ideas from being ripped off by other companies

What Government Agency Oversees the Protection of Intellectual Property?

There are a number of different types of intellectual property and they all have specific laws to protect them. But it’s most common for people to refer to the umbrella term of intellectual property when they’re talking about copyright, patents, or trademarks.

Are Trade Secrets Intellectual Property?

A trade secret is a way to protect information from being used by competing companies. The best examples of this are how Coca-Cola has kept their recipe a secret for many years and how KFC protects their 11 herbs and spices recipe.

Are Domain Names Intellectual Property?

In a corporate transaction, domain names are often bundled together with trademark rights. A lot of businesses, but not all, incorporate their trademarks into their domain names.

Who Owns Intellectual Property Created by Independent Contractors?

Many businesses choose to hire independent contractors instead of full-time employees. There are lots of good reasons to do this, but as with all choices in business, it’s important to be properly informed.

What is Intellectual Property Theft?

In order to understand the question, “what is intellectual property theft,” one needs to first understand what is classed as intellectual property. Then once you confidently grasp what intellectual property is, you can have a greater understanding of how to protect your own intellectual property, as well as what you can do to avoid intellectual property theft.

When Does Intellectual Property Expire?

Intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, is not a tangible thing. These assets do not all last forever, and in some cases, they need to be maintained in order to remain something that can be protected under IP.

How Important is Intellectual Property to the World Economy?

Intellectual property contributes in a big way to both the national and state economies. Dozens of different industries across the economy rely on the proper enforcement of their patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Can Intellectual Property Assets Really Be Accurately Valued?

IP valuation works by evaluating the fair market value of these assets. It helps to determine the value of the IP and the true value of the company in general. IP often represents some of the most valuable assets that a company has, and therefore, it’s very important.

What is the Value of Intellectual Property When Selling a Business?

Intellectual property can easily increase the value of your company. For this reason, you have to make sure that you are managing your assets properly as this will give you an edge when the time comes for you to sell.