LTE and GCS Technology White Paper

LTE GCS Technology White Paper

The following LTE GCS Technology White Paper describes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Group Communication Services (GCS) and is part one of a 5-part Summary of our 3GPP Core Technologies series. You can also download and print them by clicking below.


Group Communication Services (GCS) are generally to transmit the same information to a group of people. Services such as public safety services can be mentioned as examples. In 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the concept of the GCS was introduced in release 12 by designing the architecture for both Evolved Packet System (EPS) and Multimedia Broadcast, Multicast Services (MBMS) bearer services. The Group Communication Service application server (GCSAS) employs EPS and MBMS bearer services for transmitting downlink signaling and data from the GCSAS to the wireless devices. In the uplink, the wireless devices employ EPS bearer services for signaling and transferring data to the GCSAS.

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