GHB Intellect is looking forward to the 2018 Licensing Executives Society Inc. (LESI) Annual conference in downtown San Diego. The LESI 2018 6-day event will be taking place starting on April 28th 2018  at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel.

LES is one of the leading associations for Intellectual property and the LESI conference is a great opportunity to learn more about licensing, IP negotiations and develop your network in the IP community. LESI is made up of members from prominent IP and Licensing backgrounds originating from more than 90 countries organized in 33 regional and national societies.

LESI 2018 Keynote Speakers & Event Highlights

LESI always has great keynote speakers and we will look forward to hearing insights from:

  • Mike Hoefflinger, formerly Facebook’s Director of Global Business Marketing
  • Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, Professor at the University of Maryland in College Park with an exciting presentation on AI.

Contact us to download the LESI 2018 program and use the mobile app to track the event throughout the week.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends in the IP industry. If you will be attending, please send us an email at: admin@ghbintellect.com and we can plan to connect. See you there!