TV/Set Top Box/Cable

Core Expertise: Set-Top Box, MPEG-2, IEEE1394, Ethernet, DOCSIS, ARM, I2C, VHDL, HDLC, Video/Audio drivers, embedded Linux, Multi Thread RTOS environments, PCI
Accomplishments: MSEE, 20+ yrs of experience, 6 patents
Previous Companies: Vivato, Elintrix, Solekai Systems, Wind Rivers System, Rainbow Networks, Conexant Systems, Comstream Corporation
Core Expertise: Video/image compression, MPEG-1/2/4, H.263/4, HDTV, DBS, Error concealment, Motion estimation, Entropy coding, DCT/Wavelet/Sub-band vector quantization, G.7xy, H.264, VC-1, MPEG-x, IPTV, JPEG, Video over IP/ADSL/ATM, DVB, DVD, HDTV, Watermarking of Images/Video/Audio, Video over MPEG-2/IP/Satellite, DOCSIS
Accomplishments: PhD, 26+ yrs exp., developed MPEG-1/2/4, H.263/4 in software and ASIC, numerous patents and standards contributions, expert witness
Previous Companies: Alcatel-Lucent, CONEXANT, KONAMI GAMING, GTE Labs, Toshiba, Philips Labs
Core Expertise: xDSL, Wireless LAN, DigiRF, UMTS, UWB, MIMO, SINCGARS, SRW, ANW2, WIN-T, SATCOM
Accomplishments: PhD, 29 yrs of experience, 26+ patents, 2 books, 1 book chapter, invited speaker, 33+ journal/conference papers
Previous Companies: Bell Labs, Lucent, M/A-Com, Tyco Electronics, Telecordia
Core Expertise: DSL Satellite, Semiconductor, Video Compression, Video Streaming, VoIP, Embedded Software, Internet Software
Accomplishments: Ph.D, 20+ Yrs of experience, 2 Patents, 8 Publication
Previous Companies: Maxim Integrated Products, Texas Instrument, 8*8, Hughes Aircraft
Core Expertise: • Fiber Optic Telecommunication Networks • FTTH/PON/HFC • CWDM/DWDM • BC/NC Video Overlay • Ethernet Over Fiber • TV Transmission over Fiber • RF/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave
Accomplishments: • 13 granted patents
• Senior Member of IEEE
Previous Companies: • Huawei/Futurewei • Motorola

Specialized in optical networks and components
Developed system models and hardware
R&D in fiber optics and photonics.
Expert witness experience
Performance analysis of satellite cross-link.
Optical distribution of microwave signals in satellites.

Core Expertise: • Telecommunication and Networking • A/V Compression • STB • Cable Network • Graphics • FPGA/CPLDs • FRAND licensing practices
Accomplishments: • 40+ filed applications
• Member of Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
• IEEE senior member
Previous Companies: • Motorola • Comcast • KineTech Power • NASA-Goddard Ressler Associates • Martin Marietta

Experienced in depositions, expert declarations
Experienced in advanced telecommunication and military systems, CATV digital appliances with a core expertise in multimedia transport over LAN/WAN satellite, wireless and cable and compression technologies
Patent Agent

Core Expertise: • Expertise: Set-top Boxes, IPTV, OTT, Internet VOD/EST, streaming, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/BD-Live, 4K UltraHD, HDR, HEVC, Geospatial Imaging, D-Cinema, Digital Film Printer, and the Triple-I Electron Beam Recorder.
Accomplishments: • INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPS – SMPTE, DVB, CEA, IEEE, ITU, Hollywood Post Alliance. Past: MPEG, INCITS, JVT, IBC Council, Montreux Council, ATSC, HPA BoD
• AWARDS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award/Triple-I Digital Film Printer. SMPTE Fellow. Microsoft TV patent US 7,020,195 B1 “Layered Coding and Decoding of Image Data,” Symbolics Engineer of the Year
• Board of Directors, Hollywood Professionals Association.
• Multiple Papers & Panels1 patent and 1 publication
Previous Companies: • Microsoft • Broadcom • Dolby Labs

Experience: More than 30 years of product and business development and consulting experience in Hollywood and CE markets at Microsoft, Broadcom, and Dolby C-Level management, Mercury Computer Corp, Sony Pictures, Adobe, DoD.
Expertise: Interests: OTT & IoT. Consumer Electronics. Interconnection of Cloud, Connected Cars, EV Infotainment, Smartphones, Semi-Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, SDCs, deep learning & AI. 4G LTE & 5G. China business.