Core Expertise: Wireless Communication Systems, embedded processors and DSP, CDMA, WCDMA, OFDM, UMTS/LTE standards, Wi-Fi/IEEE802.11,IEEE802.15, Bluetooth, UWB, reconfigurable hardware architecture
Accomplishments: PhD, VP Engineering, 24 years of hands-on experience, extensive experience in cellular network deployment and mobile phone designs, 1 book, numerous publications, 30+ patents, University of California lecturer
Previous Companies: Nokia, AT&T, Olympus
Core Expertise: Bio-sciences, Drug Design/Discovery, small molecule research
Accomplishments: Post-Doc Bio-Chemistry, 23 yrs of experience, Chief scientific officer
Previous Companies: Amgen, Epigen Combichem, DuPont, Optimer
Core Expertise: • Packet switching and routing systems • Broadband telecom and network systems • Optical networks • MPLS, IP, SAN, and NAS technologies • Security • Multimedia messaging • Unified communication
Accomplishments: • 3 patents
• Authored several technical and standards papers
• Senior Member of IEEE
Previous Companies: • AT&T • eNet • Paradyne

Experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional capable of solving complex problems
Innovative R&D engineer
Proficient in analyzing Intellectual Property Assets
Skilled quantitative analyst

Core Expertise: RF System design including high level architecture and behavioral modeling, Detailed system lineup and high level link budget, External component specifications and embedding, RF circuits design with simulation modeling, as well as hands on lab validation and optimization, RF/Mixed Signal block and modem partitioning
Accomplishments: • AeA High Tech Innovation Awards
• EE Times ACE Awards
• Member of IEEE Solid State Circuits
Previous Companies: NXP, Rockwell Semi, Ericsson, Radio System

Passionate senior communication systems semiconductor business leader with extensive expertise. Specializes in business center management, RF systems, RFIC, mixed signal and DSP R&D management.

Core Expertise: • Wireless networks and standards: LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, WiFi, UMTS, GSM, IMS, IS-41, 3GPP, 3GPP2 • Protocols and signaling: TCP, UDP, IP, SIP, MAP, CAMEL, Diameter, RTP/RTCP, SRTP • Operating systems: Linux, Windows • Programming languages: C, C++, MATLAB, Tcl, Expect, Assembly language
Accomplishments: 7 granted patents
Previous Companies: Taqua, SOMA, Sonus

15+ yrs of experience in radio access and core networks of wireless telecommunications
Comprehensive technical knowledge of RAN technologies in 4G and 3G wireless systems
Expertise in 3GPP, IETF and 3GPP2 specifications for IMS, VoIP, LTE, UMTS, and CDMA networks
Proficient in IMS network architecture/procedures/interfaces, SIP, MAP, CAMEL, Diameter, SMS
Strong background in digital signal processing and its applications

Core Expertise: • Telecommunication and Networking • A/V Compression • STB • Cable Network • Graphics • FPGA/CPLDs • FRAND licensing practices
Accomplishments: • 40+ filed applications
• Member of Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
• IEEE senior member
Previous Companies: • Motorola • Comcast • KineTech Power • NASA-Goddard Ressler Associates • Martin Marietta

Experienced in depositions, expert declarations
Experienced in advanced telecommunication and military systems, CATV digital appliances with a core expertise in multimedia transport over LAN/WAN satellite, wireless and cable and compression technologies
Patent Agent

Core Expertise: • Expert in management of RFP execution • Strong Strategic and Tactical IT planning & execution experience • Strong technical leadership and personnel development skills • Expert in network technology including VoIP evaluation, selection and implementation
Accomplishments: • 4 Patents Awarded
• 4 Publications
Previous Companies: • AT&T • IpVerse • Vertical Networks • Telio Innovations • eLoyalty

Over 25 years professional IT and Bell Labs experience.
Extensive experience in telephony technology companies

Core Expertise: • Telecommunications and Data Communications • Network Architecture • Wireless Networks • Data Networking • IoT and Smart Home • Cloud
Accomplishments: • 3 patents
• 7 Publications
Previous Companies: • Alcatel-Lucent • AT&T

PhD from Columbia University, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Experienced in IP and technology
Specialized in mobile and fixed networks, telephony systems, PON, HFC, FTTx, Optical networking, LAN, MAN, WAN, traffic modeling, traffic engineering, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet protocols, routing, switching, TCP/IP stack, Consumer products, home automation, automotive protocols, SaaS, PaaS, VM, distributed computing, distributed storage

Core Expertise: • Telecommunications and related technologies • Patent portfolio management • Patent valuation • IP management
Accomplishments: • 150+ patents in wireless applications, IoT, E-commerce, Virtual reality/Augmented reality, Security, Location-based services, TV/Video, Electronic advertising, Speech applications, and internet search.
• Named AT&T Innovator of the Year
• Awarded AT&T Bell Labs President’s Quality Award
Previous Companies: • AT&T • Bell Labs • BellSouth

35 years of experience in Telecom, including wireless applications, IoT, E-commerce, Virtual reality/Augmented reality, Security, Location-based services, TV/Video, Electronic advertising, Speech applications, and internet search.
Highly experienced in patent portfolio landscaping, mining, development, management, and monetization

Core Expertise: • 4G, 5G, LPWA, LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth • Adapting /developing wireless technologies to/in various products and services • Concepting and adapting antennas of above technologies to devices, understanding performance, cost, manufacturing, tradeoffs • Market opportunity studies, competitor product analyses, strategy development
Accomplishments: • Multiple product launches
• 1 patent
• Bilingual, Native Finnish and English,
• Volunteer fireman
Previous Companies: Nokia

18-year veteran of Nokia with deep experiences in 4G, 5G, LPWA, LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Experienced in working closely with chipset suppliers, OEMs, manufacturing, wireless operators in North America and globally
Proficient in marketing, product management, product development, supply chain and overall strategy creation