Core Expertise: • Specialty coatings, electroplating, anodizing development • Specialty elastomers, thermoplastics, textiles development • Thermal, EMI, EMC, battery application development • New material and process development, product introduction, supplier management
Previous Companies: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon , Alcoa, Dow Corning, Mattel, Fisher- Price, GM, Nippondenso

25+ years of experience in material and process development
Deep experiences with large industry players as well as start-ups
Experiences with Consumer electronics, electric vehicles, automotive electronics, medical devices, toys, notebooks/tablets, waterproof I/O
Failure analysis, new materials, new product introduction

Core Expertise: • Research and development of tissue engineering • Medical devices research and development • Orthopedic and Medical Devices materials market analysis • Investigational studies to develop preventive therapies to minimize the progression of post-traumatic osteoarthritis. • Implementation of preclinical animal studies on bone morphogenetic protein-2 dosing and calcium phosphate coatings for treatment of maxillofacial and long segmental bone defects.
Accomplishments: • 5 Research grants
• 4 patents
• 68 publications (1876 citations)
• Award from Center for Regenerative Medicine
• Presented in over 70 international and national conferences and as invited speaker in 8 international
• Associate Editor, Progress in Biomaterials, Springer
• Professional membership 1) Tissue Engineering Society International 2) American Association for the Advancement of Science 3) American Chemical Society 4) Controlled Release Society
Previous Companies: • Mayo Clinic

Over 17 yrs of experience
Expert in biomaterial, medical devices and tissue engineering
Highly knowledgeable on FDA regulatory and standards