Core Expertise:
Connected Car, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Wireless, Semiconductor Reference Boards, Telecommunications, Networking and Defense, PCB Layout and Design, Schamatic Capture, Fabrication and Assembly
MS, 20+ yrs experience, 12 patents, Pioneer of connected car and infotainment system
Previous Companies:
Multiple Acquired Start-ups
Core Expertise:
• Automotive applications • Connected car • Infotainment wearables
• Ph.D.
• 10 years of experience
• Co-invented the most widely-adopted platform for smartphone-automotive interface
• Pioneered integration of wearables with automotive systems
• Multiple awards for inventions in automotive infotainment and sensor networks
• 30+ patents
• 25+ papers
• 1 book
Previous Companies:
• Nokia • Microsoft

10 years of experience
Concepting and prototyping innovative devices
Evangelizing new device technologies and UX
In-car experiences, app platforms & interoperability with mobile devices.
Natural user interfaces (NUI) & Tangible user interfaces (TUI).
Biometrics sensing in automotive & mobile. Inventor of the most widely adopted cross-platform solution for smartphone-automotive interoperability.
Hands-on startup experience with the ability to work independently on early stage incubation and R&D efforts.

Core Expertise:
• Internal combustion engine technology • Hybrid transmission • Electric drive technology • Advanced Technology Road Map • Automotive regulatory affairs • Automotive Manufacturing • Crash development/Safety engineering process • Noise and vibration design • Exhaust emissions • Lean manufacturing, Black Belt, and DFSS methods.
• Led Dodge Hornet program in Japan and B-segment cars for Mexico and SA with China and Japanese OEM partners
• Developed Benchmark utilized Body design, new suspension, new I-6 and V-8 with 1st airbag implementation
• Invented and commercialized remote audio controls concept
• Poster-Merger Integration Leader to combine departments and processes for Chrysler/AMC Merger
Previous Companies:
• DaimlerChrysler • Chrysler • American Motors Corp • Intellectual Ventures • Ford

Over 25 yrs of automotive experience
Expert in automotive product engineering, development, manufacturing, sourcing, integration, labor
Experienced in intellectual property analysis and strategy
Experiences at major US automotive brands as well as start-ups
Experiences with electric vehicles
Contributed to Grand Cherokee, Magnum, Wrangler, Dodge Dakota
Responsible for manufacturing in Mexico, Canada, and US.