Optical Communication

Core Expertise: Optical networks, Optical trasnceivers, DWDM
Accomplishments: MSEE, over 20 yrs experience in optical product development and related standards
Previous Companies: Xtera, Solantro, Meriton Networks, AcceLight Networks, Nortel
Core Expertise: xDSL, Wireless LAN, DigiRF, UMTS, UWB, MIMO, SINCGARS, SRW, ANW2, WIN-T, SATCOM
Accomplishments: PhD, 29 yrs of experience, 26+ patents, 2 books, 1 book chapter, invited speaker, 33+ journal/conference papers
Previous Companies: Bell Labs, Lucent, M/A-Com, Tyco Electronics, Telecordia
Core Expertise: • Fiber Optic Telecommunication Networks • FTTH/PON/HFC • CWDM/DWDM • BC/NC Video Overlay • Ethernet Over Fiber • TV Transmission over Fiber • RF/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave
Accomplishments: • 13 granted patents
• Senior Member of IEEE
Previous Companies: • Huawei/Futurewei • Motorola

Specialized in optical networks and components
Developed system models and hardware
R&D in fiber optics and photonics.
Expert witness experience
Performance analysis of satellite cross-link.
Optical distribution of microwave signals in satellites.

Core Expertise: Eye Tracking, Eye Gesture Control, User Interface, Imaging, Image Processing, Super-Resolution Imaging, Contextual Computing, Optics, Optical Communication, Transmission Systems, Optical Networks, Electromagnetic Fields, Lasers, Fiber Optics, Sensors, Testing, Root Cause Analysis, Engineering Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Product Design and Development.
Accomplishments: • Technology Innovators of the Year Finalist, Tech Titans
• 1 Book Chapter
• 9 Publications
• 5 Conference Paper
• 4 Patents
Previous Companies: • Menara Networks • TXP Corporation • Nortel Networks • Applied Ventures • Siemens

More than 30 yrs of experience in optical communication
PhD in EE and Computer
4 patents and 9 publications

Core Expertise: • Design, model, build, and optimization of cellular networks • Communication Systems Theory Expert- Mathematical modeling of modulation and coding techniques, propagation, digital signal processing, spread spectrum, MIMO, capacity. Develop algorithms for locating cellular phones, automatically selecting radio frequencies, constructive wave delay; Laser, Radio, and Acoustic-Wave modeling and design • Expert in LTE, VoLTE and Video Telephony over IMS, • Experienced in 3GPP Standard • Father of SON (Self Organizing Networks) • Mentored others to good understanding of telecommunication systems involving CDMA, UMTS, and LTE including and IP Multimedia Subsystem/SIP
Accomplishments: • 3 patents awarded
• Large scale design, model, build, and optimization of cellular networks (the entire country of Chile, Mexico, Brazil, more) – from the ground up
Previous Companies: • Qualcomm • AirFiber

Over 16 years of experience in cellular network optimization and drive testing.

Core Expertise: • Flat panel display (TFT, LCD) • LED Lighting • LED displays
Accomplishments: • Fellow of the Society for Information Display (SID)
• Past Director, SID Symposium Committee (10 years)
• Conference and Program Chair, SID Symposium and IDRC
• Past Member, SID Program Committee (15 years)
• 84 Patents
• 13 Publications
Previous Companies: • RealD • Innova Dynamics • Puredepth • Clairvoyante • Motorola • Apple • GE • RCA Sarnoff Labs

40+ yrs of experience in: Flat panel display (TFT, LCD), LED Lighting, LED displays, and optics, with interaction with producers and customers in multiple countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.
Fellow of the Society for Information Display
Highly experienced as an expert witness (numerous IPRs, District Court Cases, expert reports and depositions)

Core Expertise: • LED light design (optics design for street lighting, power supply electronics, luminaire fixtures thermal management design, driver electronics reliability prediction analysis.) • Thin film surface finish performance and evaluations – failure root cause analysis • Thin film coating technology • Printed Circuit Design • Li-ion battery design • Molecular and atomic analysis
Accomplishments: • 54 Publications
• 22 Patents
• Harvard University: Associate Research Scientist
• University of Pennsylvania: Professor in Material Science and Engineering
• Technical Reviewer: Thin Solid Films and other journals
• Invited Lecturer:
Technology Workshops and Presentations at: Cisco, Celestica, Flextronics, Solectron,Jabil, Northrop Grummund, Motorola, Nokia, Raytheon, Boeing; and many other companies.
Previous Companies: • LED Roadway Lighting • TE Connectivity • Hughes Research Laboratory

Experienced in electronic materials, micro-devices, system design, failure analysis, surface science, thin films for both optical and electronic applications for LED device design, light fixture design and optimization, PCB, advanced electronics for LED power supply drivers and controllers, semiconductor devices, Li-Ion battery development for space satellites.
Experienced in depositions, expert declarations.