Motion Pictures

Core Expertise:
• Expertise: Set-top Boxes, IPTV, OTT, Internet VOD/EST, streaming, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/BD-Live, 4K UltraHD, HDR, HEVC, Geospatial Imaging, D-Cinema, Digital Film Printer, and the Triple-I Electron Beam Recorder.
• INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPS – SMPTE, DVB, CEA, IEEE, ITU, Hollywood Post Alliance. Past: MPEG, INCITS, JVT, IBC Council, Montreux Council, ATSC, HPA BoD
• AWARDS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award/Triple-I Digital Film Printer. SMPTE Fellow. Microsoft TV patent US 7,020,195 B1 “Layered Coding and Decoding of Image Data,” Symbolics Engineer of the Year
• Board of Directors, Hollywood Professionals Association.
• Multiple Papers & Panels1 patent and 1 publication
Previous Companies:
• Microsoft • Broadcom • Dolby Labs

Experience: More than 30 years of product and business development and consulting experience in Hollywood and CE markets at Microsoft, Broadcom, and Dolby C-Level management, Mercury Computer Corp, Sony Pictures, Adobe, DoD.
Expertise: Interests: OTT & IoT. Consumer Electronics. Interconnection of Cloud, Connected Cars, EV Infotainment, Smartphones, Semi-Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, SDCs, deep learning & AI. 4G LTE & 5G. China business.