Motion Pictures

Core Expertise:
•Expertise: Set-top Boxes, IPTV, OTT, Internet VOD/EST, streaming, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/BD-Live, 4K UltraHD, HDR, HEVC, Geospatial Imaging, D-Cinema, Digital Film Printer, and the Triple-I Electron Beam Recorder.
•INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIPS-SMPTE, DVB, CEA, IEEE, ITU, Hollywood Post Alliance. Past: MPEG, INCITS, JVT, IBC Council, Montreux Council, ATSC, HPA BoD
•AWARDS -Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award/Triple-I Digital Film Printer. SMPTE Fellow. Microsoft TV patent US 7,020,195 B1 “Layered Coding and Decoding of Image Data,” Symbolics Engineer of the Year
•Board of Directors, Hollywood Professionals Association.
•Multiple Papers & Panels 1 patent and 1 publication
Previous Companies:
•Microsoft•Broadcom•Dolby Labs

•Experience: More than 30 years of product and business development and consulting experience in Hollywood and CE markets at Microsoft, Broadcom, and Dolby C-Level management, Mercury Computer Corp, Sony Pictures, Adobe, DoD.•Expertise: Interests: OTT & IoT. Consumer Electronics. Interconnection of Cloud, Connected Cars, EV Infotainment, Smartphones, Semi-Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, SDCs, deep learning & AI. 4G LTE & 5G. China business