Medical Devices

Shaving Products, nutritional and cosmetic products, over the counter (OTC) medications, medical devices, FDA Approvals, clinical study evaluations, Product Portfolio Strategy Development, New Product Development (NPD), female athletic apparel products, Organizational Leadership and Product Management
Assisted non-profit facilities with conducting research on hair, skin, cosmetics and textiles, Member of global community of experts advising world class women-led, high-growth startups, 20 US patents
Schick, Texas Instruments, I-Health Inc
  • Laparoscopic and endoscopic devices: surgical waste management, suction irrigation devices, surgical knives, linear cutters, linear staplers, circular staplers, dissectors, graspers, surgical staplers, skin staplers, anastomotic stapling devices,
  • Respiratory devices: oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems, compressed oxygen gas tanks, gas pressure regulators, oxygen conserving devices, portable ventilators, breathing circuits
  • Sleep Therapy Devices: CPAP, BPAP, portable ventilators, sleep masks
  • Respiratory Diagnosis: Spiromters, Flow Sensors, Polysomnograpgy
  • Product Development Support: technical design reviews, FDA and GMP compliance reviews, FDA, GMP Guidelines
  • IP Evaluation, IP Litigation Support (infringement analysis, invalidity analysis)
  • PhD in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
    Registered Professional Engineer
    Certificate of New Product Development
    Certificate of European Medical Device Directives for Product Safety and Testing
    19 Patents, 2 Funded Research/Grants, 3 Book/Book Chapters, 22 Journal Articles, 2 Proceedings
    Adjunct Professor of 6 schools
    Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Digital Equipment Corporation, Tektronix