Mechanical Engineering

Fab process & materials (wafer, PCB, assembly, components, IC packaging): Photo, Etching (Wet, Dry), Metal deposition, Plating, CNC, EDM, laser ablation/milling, Stamping, extruding, coining, Injection molding, transfer molding, Sintering, soldering, brazing, diffusion bonding, Surface mount technology; Thermal solutions (heat sinks, heat pipes, cold plates, vapor chambers, etc)
MS, 30+ yrs of experience, 38 patents, 24 papers
Ethertronics, IBM, Amkor, CoolClouds
Highly experienced in: • Mechanical Design • New Product Introduction • Prototype builds for NPI Manufacturing Processes • Technology Transfer of manufacturing product/process • Project/Program Management • Leading products from conceptual to full production
Speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
Alere Toxicology (Ameditech), Selective Source International, Nokia, Apple, Maxwell Technologies, Kyoceria Wireless Corp

15 yrs of experience in consumer electronics product design and manufacturing, mechanical design, lean manufacturing with international Fortune 500 companies.
Expert in mechanical design, electrical/mechanical new product introductions such as cell phone, tablets, wireless devices, lean manufacturing and assembly fixture design.
Worked in defense, consumer electronics, and biotechnology industries.

• Internal combustion engine technology • Hybrid transmission • Electric drive technology • Patent analysis • Advanced Technology Road Map • Automotive regulatory affairs • Automotive Manufacturing • Crash development/Safety engineering process • Noise and vibration design • Exhaust emissions • M&A due diligence • Detailed cost analysis • Lean manufacturing, Black Belt, and DFSS methods.
• Led Dodge Hornet program in Japan and B-segment cars for Mexico and SA with China and Japanese OEM partners
• Developed Benchmark unitized Body design, new suspension, new I-6 and V-8 with 1st airbag implementation.
• Invented and commercialized remote audio controls concept.
• Post-Merger Integration Leader to combine departments and processes for Chrysler/ AMC merger
• DaimlerChrysler • Chrysler • American Motors Corp • Intellectual Ventures • Ford

• Over 30 yrs of automotive experience
• Expert in automotive product engineering, development, manufacturing, sourcing, integration, labor
• Experienced in intellectual property analysis and strategy
• Experiences at major US automotive brands as well as start-ups
• Experiences with electric vehicles
• Contributed to Grand Cherokee, Magnum, Wrangler, Dodge Dakota
• Responsible for manufacturing in Mexico, Canada, and the US.