Machine Learning

Flash memory, EPROM, Cryptography, ASIC, serial ATA, PCI, Cyber security, 802.11ab/g (wireless LAN), 802.3ae(10G Ethernet), Semiconductor failure analysis/Production/Manufacturing
MSEE, 20 yrs of experience, Forensic investigator, lecturer
Intel, AMD, Philips

Big Data, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, MapR, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Cassandra, Distributed and grid computing, AWS, data science, text analytics, mathematical optimization
MS Math, MSCS, author of books on HBase and Hadoop, Big Data books reviewer, author of open source software for big data/search/text analytics
Halliburton, Shell, Merryl Lynch, Bank of America, Intel

Hands-on Software Architect and Data Scientist
Performed Hadoop/Cloud consulting projects for various large corporations.
Total number of Hadoop clusters set up so far: 125+
Creator of an eDiscovery/Enterprise Search solution, (Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, HBase, EC2, S3, text analytics, document classification)
Co-author books on HBase and Hadoop
Big Data books reviewer
Certified Cloudera Hadoop Administrator

Financial risk assessment/management, Loan pricing, statistical machine learning, fraud detection models, credit models, automated valuation models, structured/unstructured data processing, Fintech compliance, financial portfolio management, lending platform development, marketing analytics, data-driven optimization
PhD; 15 years of Fintech experience; Extensive machine learning, text analysis, and statistics background; recepient of numerous awards; 35+ publications
FICO, CoreLogic
• LTE/3GPP/Cellular • WiFi/BT • Mobile Apps • Antennas Systems • Cloud computing • Security/Privacy • Machine Learning • IoT • Wireless Power Systems • APIs
• 5- issued patents
• More than 48 published patent application
• NTERA • InterDigital • Motorola • Pagenet • Bellsouth/Mobilecomm • GTE Spacenet • Comsa

Over 30 years of experience
Unique blend of technology plus business expertise
Extensive mobile, satellite, IoT, security, and machine learning experience

C/C++/Python, Embedded Systems, NX Os, Switching/Routing Software, Mobile Applications (Android), Device Drivers, Distributed Systems and Parallel Programming, CUDA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision, Gesture, Face and Emotion Recognition.
• 2 granted patents
• Elastica • Galvanizeu • Cisco • A-LA Mobile • NEC Systems Technology

Experienced principal engineer with emphasis in embedded systems and data science applications.
15 years of experience in coding and leading software design/development of complex technical projects.