IP Strategy

Patent portfolio analysis, management, licensing, acquisition, and valuation; IP sale/licensing negotiation; Strategic global IP asset development, Biotech
PhD, 20+ years of experience; Valuated 50K+ patents per year; • Led patent portfolio development in the field of security, encryption, and storage from ground up; lead to the most successful program in the company resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue; Secured patent portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars; Participated in complex IP transactions including building acquisition consortia and devising asset allocation schemes. (Public Examples: Kodak, IP Wireless, Digimarc); Participated in successful licensing negotiations and provided extensive litigation support; IP adviser to multiple startups
Intellectual Ventures, International Intellectual Property Law Association, Quantom Biosystems, Genapsys, Fonolo, Silicon Optix, Resonance Photonics
Wireless Communication Systems, embedded processors and DSP, CDMA, WCDMA, OFDM, UMTS/LTE standards, Wi-Fi/IEEE802.11,IEEE802.15, Bluetooth, UWB, reconfigurable hardware architecture
PhD, VP Engineering, 24 years of hands-on experience, extensive experience in cellular network deployment and mobile phone designs, 1 book, numerous publications, 30+ patents, University of California lecturer
Nokia, AT&T, Olympus
• Internal combustion engine technology • Hybrid transmission • Electric drive technology • Patent analysis • Advanced Technology Road Map • Automotive regulatory affairs • Automotive Manufacturing • Crash development/Safety engineering process • Noise and vibration design • Exhaust emissions • M&A due diligence • Detailed cost analysis • Lean manufacturing, Black Belt, and DFSS methods.
• Led Dodge Hornet program in Japan and B-segment cars for Mexico and SA with China and Japanese OEM partners
• Developed Benchmark unitized Body design, new suspension, new I-6 and V-8 with 1st airbag implementation.
• Invented and commercialized remote audio controls concept.
• Post-Merger Integration Leader to combine departments and processes for Chrysler/ AMC merger
• DaimlerChrysler • Chrysler • American Motors Corp • Intellectual Ventures • Ford

• Over 30 yrs of automotive experience
• Expert in automotive product engineering, development, manufacturing, sourcing, integration, labor
• Experienced in intellectual property analysis and strategy
• Experiences at major US automotive brands as well as start-ups
• Experiences with electric vehicles
• Contributed to Grand Cherokee, Magnum, Wrangler, Dodge Dakota
• Responsible for manufacturing in Mexico, Canada, and the US.

• Telecommunications and Data Communications • Network Architecture • Wireless Networks • Data Networking • IoT and Smart Home • Cloud
• 3 patents
• 7 Publications
• Alcatel-Lucent • AT&T

PhD from Columbia University, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
35-year experience in IP and technology
Specialized in mobile and fixed networks, telephony systems, PON, HFC, FTTx, Optical networking, LAN, MAN, WAN, traffic modeling, traffic engineering, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet protocols, routing, switching, TCP/IP stack, Consumer products, home automation, automotive protocols, SaaS, PaaS, VM, distributed computing, distributed storage

• Telecommunications and related technologies • Patent portfolio management • Patent valuation • IP management
• 150+ patents in wireless applications, IoT, E-commerce, Virtual reality/Augmented reality, Security, Location-based services, TV/Video, Electronic advertising, Speech applications, and internet search.
• Named AT&T Innovator of the Year
• Awarded AT&T Bell Labs President’s Quality Award
• AT&T • Bell Labs • BellSouth

35 years of experience in Telecom, including wireless applications, IoT, E-commerce, Virtual reality/Augmented reality, Security, Location-based services, TV/Video, Electronic advertising, Speech applications, and internet search.
Highly experienced in patent portfolio landscaping, mining, development, management, and monetization

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