Patent portfolio analysis, management, licensing, acquisition, and valuation; IP sale/licensing negotiation; Strategic global IP asset development, Biotech
PhD, 20+ years of experience; Valuated 50K+ patents per year; • Led patent portfolio development in the field of security, encryption, and storage from ground up; lead to the most successful program in the company resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue; Secured patent portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars; Participated in complex IP transactions including building acquisition consortia and devising asset allocation schemes. (Public Examples: Kodak, IP Wireless, Digimarc); Participated in successful licensing negotiations and provided extensive litigation support; IP adviser to multiple startups
Intellectual Ventures, International Intellectual Property Law Association, Quantom Biosystems, Genapsys, Fonolo, Silicon Optix, Resonance Photonics
Financial risk assessment/management, Loan pricing, statistical machine learning, fraud detection models, credit models, automated valuation models, structured/unstructured data processing, Fintech compliance, financial portfolio management, lending platform development, marketing analytics, data-driven optimization
PhD; 15 years of Fintech experience; Extensive machine learning, text analysis, and statistics background; recepient of numerous awards; 35+ publications
FICO, CoreLogic