Display Technologies

Core Expertise:
• Touch Screen, mobile touch business, smart display, semiconductor • Cellular baseband products, RF solutions and chipset and front end module products • Product and Program management • Global ecosystems • Human machine interface • IoT • Product evangelizing • Market Analysis & Penetration
• 3 Published Patents
Previous Companies:
• Atmel • Synaptics

18+ Yrs of experience,
Specialized in touch screen, mobile touch business, smart display
Technical expert in diverse products including wireless/mobile, communications, industrial and automotive solutions.
Major design wins and partnerships including Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

Core Expertise:
•Expert in LCDs, TFTs, LEDs, OLEDs, LDs, CMOS IC/transistor device structure, and lasers.•Experienced in consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive products, photonics, and display technologies.•Distinguished Inventor•Experienced patent analyst
•18 US patents
•6 Japan patents
•Senior Member of IEEE
•17 Research Grants
•30 Refereed Journal Publications
•5 Books and Book Chapters
•81 Technical Conference Publications and Presentations:
•12 Other publications
Previous Companies:
•Sony•IBM•Rambus•A prominent LED lighting manufacturer

•25+ years of industry experience in lasers and displays as well as other consumer electronics.

Core Expertise:
• Application specific package and fixture design • Develop solutions for improved efficiency, quality and cost of LED lighting products • Define and develop technology for SSL • Evaluation of SSL-related technologies for their technical and market sustainability • Identify appropriate SSL products • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
• Numerous publications and presentations
• 4 Patents
Previous Companies:
Cree, Inc.

Over 15 years of experience in providing technical solutions for the LED lighting industry across the value chain.
Expert witness and IP consulting experience

Core Expertise:
• Flat panel display (TFT, LCD) • LED Lighting • LED displays • Optics
Previous Companies:
• RealD • Innova Dynamics • Puredepth • Clairvoyante • Motorola • Apple • GE • RCA Sarnoff Labs

• 40+ yrs of experience in: Flat panel display (TFT, LCD), LED Lighting, LED displays, and
optics, with interaction with producers and customers in multiple countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.
• Fellow of the Society for Information Display
• Highly experienced as an expert witness (numerous IPRs, District Court Cases, expert reports and depositions)
• 84 Patents
• 13 Publications

Core Expertise:
• Non-Volatile memory, MRAM, Flash, T-RAM, Image sensors, LCD Displays • IC fabrication technology analysis • CMOS Logic, Analog BiCMOS • Photolithography, layer deposition, etching, trench isolation, gate dielectric, polysilicon gates. • Cu interconnects, Low K dielectrics, • Nanotechnology in physical sciences • Audit IC & MEMS fabrication facilities, processes, & reliability
• Received 2015 IEEE Region 6 Central Area Outstanding Engineer Award.
• Life Senior Member of the IEEE.
• 10 issued/9 pending US patent applications & 6 Publications
• 2015 IEEE Region 6 Central Area Outstanding Engineer Award
• Member of the Executive Steering Committee of the San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council Chapter, 2005 to present. 2009 & 2014 Chair.
• IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council Chapter wins 2014 IEEE NTC Chapter Award.
• Editorial Board Member – International Journal of Humanitarian Technology
• IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference – 2014 Health Track Program Co-Chair
• Listed as a Grant Reviewer for the NSF
Previous Companies:
• Texas Instrument • Philips

Expert in Image Sensor fabrication, operation, devices, packaging
Extensive industry experience spanning multiple applications of Integrated Circuit Technology with an emphasis in fabrication technology
Has contributed in Defense and Aerospace, Semiconductor Device and Manufacturing process development, 3G mobile technology, and Disk Drive Technology

Core Expertise:
• LED light design (optics design for street lighting, power supply electronics, luminaire fixtures thermal management design, driver electronics reliability prediction analysis.) • Thin film surface finish performance and evaluations – failure root cause analysis • Thin film coating technology • Printed Circuit Design • Li-ion battery design • Molecular and atomic analysis
• 54 Publications
• 22 Patents
• Harvard University: Associate Research Scientist
• University of Pennsylvania: Professor in Material Science and Engineering
• Technical Reviewer: Thin Solid Films and other journals
• Invited Lecturer:
Technology Workshops and Presentations at: Cisco, Celestica, Flextronics, Solectron,Jabil, Northrop Grummund, Motorola, Nokia, Raytheon, Boeing; and many other companies.
Previous Companies:
• LED Roadway Lighting • TE Connectivity • Hughes Research Laboratory

Experienced in electronic materials, micro-devices, system design, failure analysis, surface science, thin films for both optical and electronic applications for LED device design, light fixture design and optimization, PCB, advanced electronics for LED power supply drivers and controllers, semiconductor devices, Li-Ion battery development for space satellites.
Experienced in depositions, expert declarations.

Core Expertise:
•LED lighting in: oAutomotive oGeneral Illumination Display oMedical
•15 Books
•9 Patents
•54 Technical Papers & Articles
•52 Invited Speeches & Presentations
•6 Honors & Awards
•4 Memberships of organizations and committees
Previous Companies:
•Osram•General Motors

•Expertise in the field of LEDs and light sources, optical and illumination engineering.•Expert in regulations, government relations and specifications.•Expert witness and IP consulting experience

Core Expertise:
LCDs, OLEDs, Smart TVs, III-V, Semiconductor, Streaming devices, Touch Screens, MEMs packaging, High Frequency RF, Telecom packaging, TFTs, LEDs, High frequency microwave devices, Lasers, Solar panels processing & packaging, Patent analysis, Prototyping products, TV and Media electronic guides
• 20+ publications in technical journals and conference proceedings, example search:
• 31 US Issued Patents; 1 pending
• Languages: English and French
Previous Companies:
• Tivo • Qualcomm • Microdisplay • IBM • Bell Labrotatories

• PhD, 35+ years combined experience in High Technology; Manufacturing, Development, Research and Start Up Companies
• Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Product Qualification, Reliability and Equipment Design of High-Tech Electronics
• Specialized Technical Skills: LCD, OLED, Electronic Packaging of Displays and Components, Touchscreens, Smartphone Teardown and Analysis
• Lecturer in Electronic Displays and Inter-Disciplinary Work in Biophysics Technologies
• Liquid Crystal Displays and Flat Panel Display Design/Packaging/Manufacturing