Telecom networks, Cloud architecture, IoT, TCP/IP, Internet system architecture, MPLS, IPTV, SDN/NFV, OSPF, IPv6/v4, BGP, RSVP, LDP, GMPLS, VOIP, IMS, OAM, QoS, virtual LAN
MSEE, 23 yrs of hands-on experience in IT-related industry and standards
Lucent, Yahoo, Stanford,
software architecture, data mining & clustering, big data, databases
PhD in Computer Science, 22+ yrs of industry experience, registered patent agent
Cisco, Digimarc, NetIO
Wireless/wired communications, network, and security protocols and algorithms (BAN, Bluetooth , cellular, DSL, HFC, UWB, Wi-Fi/IEEE802.11, IEEE802.15, ADSL, Satellite, CDMA, DOCSIS). Internet/web standards (IPv4/v6, IPSec, OAuth1.0/2.0, OpenID, RTP, SSL/TLS, TCP, and UDP). Security, authentication
PhD, 25 yrs experience, 70+ granted patents, 100+ major standards contributions, 16 journal papers, US patent agent
Bell Labs, Texas Instruments
Cable TV Networks, Broadband Systems, Multimedia Messaging, Unified Communication
PhD, 20 Yrs of experience, Several technical and standards papers, Senior member IEEE, 3 patents on telecom architecture for cable and telecom networks
AT&T, Paradyne
Optical networks, Optical trasnceivers, DWDM
MSEE, over 20 yrs experience in optical product development and related standards
Xtera, Solantro, Meriton Networks, AcceLight Networks, Nortel
Internet visionary, Mobile internet, Evolved Packet Core (EPC/LTE), CDMA network, EPC/LTE, R&D on next generation IP networking architectures and technologies including mobile and converged broadband networks, 3GPP, 3GPP2, TIA, WiMAX and IETF, High-speed data and fax modems, High performance digital signal processing (DSP), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
30+ papers published by IEEE and other leading journals and conference proceedings, 40+ patents, Lecturer at 3GPP, BBF, ATIS, 3GPP2, WiMAX Forum, Numerous contributions to various industry standards
Juniper, Cisco, Ericsson, Qualcomm, IBM

PhD, 20+ years of experience in network architecture and mobile communication

Big Data, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, MapR, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Cassandra, Distributed and grid computing, AWS, data science, text analytics, mathematical optimization
MS Math, MSCS, author of books on HBase and Hadoop, Big Data books reviewer, author of open source software for big data/search/text analytics
Halliburton, Shell, Merryl Lynch, Bank of America, Intel

Hands-on Software Architect and Data Scientist
Performed Hadoop/Cloud consulting projects for various large corporations.
Total number of Hadoop clusters set up so far: 125+
Creator of an eDiscovery/Enterprise Search solution, (Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, HBase, EC2, S3, text analytics, document classification)
Co-author books on HBase and Hadoop
Big Data books reviewer
Certified Cloudera Hadoop Administrator

Machine learning, Big data, Computational advertising, Data mining, Optimization (Linear and quadratic programming)
Ph.D, 26+ yrs experience, 8 books, 45 papers, 7 book chapters, 10 patents
Mitsubishi, Motorola, Xerox, Native X, Clairvoyance, AT&T
Unconventional data collection and exploitation techniques, Appache Spark, Google Analytics, Netica
PhD, Developed Dynamic Bayesian Network Models for inferring intent based on past behaviors
Aerospace Corporation, 3 Phoenix, Decisive Analytics Corporation
SC34, Office 2010, file format development and documentation, Windows Compute Cluster
BS, 19+ Yrs of experience, written well-received complex specs
Microsoft, UBS Investment Bank
• Telecommunications and Data Communications • Network Architecture • Wireless Networks • Data Networking • IoT and Smart Home • Cloud
• 3 patents
• 7 Publications
• Alcatel-Lucent • AT&T

PhD from Columbia University, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
35-year experience in IP and technology
Specialized in mobile and fixed networks, telephony systems, PON, HFC, FTTx, Optical networking, LAN, MAN, WAN, traffic modeling, traffic engineering, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet protocols, routing, switching, TCP/IP stack, Consumer products, home automation, automotive protocols, SaaS, PaaS, VM, distributed computing, distributed storage

C/C++/Python, Embedded Systems, NX Os, Switching/Routing Software, Mobile Applications (Android), Device Drivers, Distributed Systems and Parallel Programming, CUDA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision, Gesture, Face and Emotion Recognition.
• 2 granted patents
• Elastica • Galvanizeu • Cisco • A-LA Mobile • NEC Systems Technology

Experienced principal engineer with emphasis in embedded systems and data science applications.
15 years of experience in coding and leading software design/development of complex technical projects.