Big Data

Core Expertise:
Pharmaceuticals, Clinical and medical R&D, US and international regulations
MD, MBA, 20 yrs of experience, Chief Medical officer, Medical director, US and international drug applications
Previous Companies:
Pfizer, MedPharma, Transcept Pharm., Lithera
Core Expertise:
• Packet switching and routing systems • Broadband telecom and network systems • Optical networks • MPLS, IP, SAN, and NAS technologies • Security • Multimedia messaging • Unified communication
• 3 patents
• Authored several technical and standards papers
• Senior Member of IEEE
Previous Companies:
• AT&T • eNet • Paradyne

Experienced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional capable of solving complex problems
Innovative R&D engineer
Proficient in analyzing Intellectual Property Assets
Skilled quantitative analyst

Core Expertise:
Big Data, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, MapR, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Cassandra, Distributed and grid computing, AWS (S3, EC2), high-performance multi-threaded applications, data mining, text analytics, mathematical optimization, linear and dynamic programming, Visualization (Tableau)
• Total number of Hadoop clusters set up so far: 125+
• Creator of an eDiscovery/Enterprise Search solution, (Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, HBase, EC2, S3, text analytics, document classification)
• Co-author of books on HBase and Hadoop
• Big Data books reviewer
• Cloudera Certified Hadoop Administrator
• Java Programmer Certification, SUN
• MSCD (C++, VB path) Certification (Microsoft)
Previous Companies:
• Halliburton • Shell Oil • Merryl Lynch • Bank of America • Intel

Hands-on Software Architect and Data Scientist
Performed Hadoop/Cloud consulting projects for various large corporations.
Total number of Hadoop clusters set up so far: 125+
Creator of an eDiscovery/Enterprise Search solution, (Hadoop, Lucene, Solr, HBase, EC2, S3, text analytics, document classification)
Co-author books on HBase and Hadoop
Big Data books reviewer
Certified Cloudera Hadoop Administrator

Core Expertise:
• Data analytics • Telecommunications (Data) • IT& software development • Systems engineering • Digital transformation • Carchitecture • Computer security engineering • Embedded computers • Medical equipment design & manufacturing
Previous Companies:
• IBM • RadiSys

25+ yrs of experience
Information Technology and Big Data expert, experienced in Banking, Healthcare, Telecom & High-tech sectors
Successfully managed global initiatives involving engineering, information technology and data analytics

Core Expertise:
• Financial risk assessment/management, • Loan pricing, • Statistical machine learning, • Fraud detection models, • Credit models, • Automated valuation models, • Structured/unstructured data processing, • Fintech compliance, • Financial portfolio management, • Lending platform development, • Marketing analytics, • Data-driven optimization
• Recipient of numerous awards;
• 35+ publications
Previous Companies:
• FICO • CoreLogic

PhD, 15 years FinTech experience – data, credit & fraud models, accounting, compliance, portfolio management, vendors, lending platform development, credit risk, fraud prevention, prospecting
Expert in online and offline marketing analytics and data-driven optimization.
Extensive machine learning, text analysis, and statistics background.

Core Expertise:
• Prototype and Software Development • Computer Architecture • System Design –Programming/Coding • Open-source Technologies • Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows, Java, C/C++, SQL; SSH
• Software Project Management, UCSD San Diego; Professional and Business English;
• A member of:
o IEEE Computer Society
o IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
o IEEE Communications Society
o IEEE Management Society
o IEEE Senior Member
o IEEE San Diego Section Executive Committee as Treasurer
Previous Companies:
• Linux • Jaguar/Land Rover

Results-driven Senior Executive with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in software and hardware engineering.
Further expertise as a project and program manager with a strong blend of creative and technical skills.
Demonstrated success in product and technology research and development as well as engineering process development and improvement.

Core Expertise:
• Antenna • High power amplifiers, • RF circuits • Mobile base station physical layer
• 5 issued patents
• 48 + published patent application
Previous Companies:
• InterDigital • Motorola • Pagenet • GTE Spacenet

Over 30 years of experience
Unique blend of technology plus business expertise
Extensive mobile, satellite, IoT, security, and machine learning experience