Core Expertise:
• GPS, Assisted GPS (A-GPS), cellular network positioning (AFLT/OTDOA/Cell ID), WiFi positioning (RSSI, RTT, fingerprinting, trilateration), hybrid positioning, indoor positioning, crowdsourced database, position location protocols in 3GPP/3GPP2 (IS-801/RRLP/RRC/LLP/SUPL), location-aware apps, location-based services (LBS), navigation, wide area and global GPS reference networks, extended ephemeris, • Object-oriented software design, software development, mathematical algorithms, modeling, statistics, numerical analysis, probability theory, data analysis • Languages/OS: C, C++, Matlab, Unix shell, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X
• Outstanding Scholar in Industrial and Applied Mathematics
• Australian Bureau of Statistics Scholarship
• Member of Golden Key International Honor Society
Previous Companies:
• Qualcomm

Specialized in Location Services, GPS, indoor positioning
Expertise in algorithmic software development, computational math, modeling, statistics and data analysis

Core Expertise:
• Automotive Systems • wireless data networks, high-speed LANs, multithreaded processors, intelligent I/O controllers, object-oriented systems, I/O and OS virtualization, and raster graphics. • instruction set architecture, system busses, cache and associative memories, symmetric multiprocessors, event driven systems, object-oriented systems, I/O protocols and interfaces, and the history of computing. • IEEE 802.11 standard and Wi-Fi products that implement 802.11 • low-power circuit techniques, including both dynamic logic and asynchronous logic.
• 40 + patents
• IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
• Voting member, 1993-2002; Editor, State Machines, 1996-1999; Editor, Task Group E, 2000-2002
• JEDEC JC-61 Standards Committee, Member
• Designed 24 processors in technologies ranging from TTL MSI to 45nm CMOS.
Previous Companies:
Freescale, Intersil, Conexant

Over 30 years of experience in computer and system architecture, R&D, wired and wireless data networks, LTE, Wi-Fi protocols and IEEE 802.11 standards.
More than 25 patent litigation cases. Gave depositions and testified in court both in the U.S. and in Europe. Did numerous portfolio evaluations, claim analyses and prior art searches.
12 years developing raster graphics and image processing systems, I/O controllers and multiprocessor workstations. Invented and led development of the world’s first RAM-based color raster graphics system.
10 years applied symmetric multiprocessing to LAN servers and pioneered the use of a LAN as a virtual I/O channel. Invented and led development of the world’s first LAN with dynamically variable data rates.
15 years wireless data networks.
3 years writing operating systems and compilers

Core Expertise:
Connected Car, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Wireless, Semiconductor Reference Boards, Telecommunications, Networking and Defense, PCB Layout and Design, Schamatic Capture, Fabrication and Assembly
MS, 20+ yrs experience, 12 patents, Pioneer of connected car and infotainment system
Previous Companies:
Multiple Acquired Start-ups
Core Expertise:
• Automotive applications • Connected car • Infotainment wearables
• Ph.D.
• 10 years of experience
• Co-invented the most widely-adopted platform for smartphone-automotive interface
• Pioneered integration of wearables with automotive systems
• Multiple awards for inventions in automotive infotainment and sensor networks
• 30+ patents
• 25+ papers
• 1 book
Previous Companies:
• Nokia • Microsoft

10 years of experience
Concepting and prototyping innovative devices
Evangelizing new device technologies and UX
In-car experiences, app platforms & interoperability with mobile devices.
Natural user interfaces (NUI) & Tangible user interfaces (TUI).
Biometrics sensing in automotive & mobile. Inventor of the most widely adopted cross-platform solution for smartphone-automotive interoperability.
Hands-on startup experience with the ability to work independently on early stage incubation and R&D efforts.

Core Expertise:
• Electrical and Control Systems including Collision Avoidance • AutoSar, Active Safety, NX, Embedded Systems, ECU, actuators, Diagnostics, OBDII, Prognostics, Dyno and Vehicle Testing, Verification and Validation, Model-based Development
• 11 papers
• 5 patents
• Member of SAE, ASME, and IEEE
Previous Companies:
• Motorola • Siemens • Honeywell • General Motors

16 yrs of extensive automotive experience and expertise
Specialty in electrical and control systems, including collision avoidance
Completed important projects for major customers (Ford, Chrysler, Delphi)

Core Expertise:
•Electromagnetic valve control system (EMVS)•Design of electric machines and linear actuators•Integration of electric and mechanical systems•Aerospace •Induction machines and hydropower
•Professional Engineer
•Member of SAE
•Fellow of IEEE
•IEEE Nikola Tesla Award
•52 granted patents
•23 Journal paper and 6 SAE paper
Previous Companies:
General Motors•Delphi•Adjunct professor at multiple universities

•Fellow IEEE• EE•30 years of automotive R&D experience•Expert in automotive electrical and electromagnetic components and systems•Expert witnessexperience(Deposition and Trial Testimony)

Core Expertise:
• Prototype and Software Development • Computer Architecture • System Design –Programming/Coding • Open-source Technologies • Linux, Embedded Linux, Windows, Java, C/C++, SQL; SSH
• Software Project Management, UCSD San Diego; Professional and Business English;
• A member of:
o IEEE Computer Society
o IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
o IEEE Communications Society
o IEEE Management Society
o IEEE Senior Member
o IEEE San Diego Section Executive Committee as Treasurer
Previous Companies:
• Linux • Jaguar/Land Rover

Results-driven Senior Executive with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in software and hardware engineering.
Further expertise as a project and program manager with a strong blend of creative and technical skills.
Demonstrated success in product and technology research and development as well as engineering process development and improvement.

Core Expertise:
• Internal combustion engine technology • Hybrid transmission • Electric drive technology • Advanced Technology Road Map • Automotive regulatory affairs • Automotive Manufacturing • Crash development/Safety engineering process • Noise and vibration design • Exhaust emissions • Lean manufacturing, Black Belt, and DFSS methods.
• Led Dodge Hornet program in Japan and B-segment cars for Mexico and SA with China and Japanese OEM partners
• Developed Benchmark utilized Body design, new suspension, new I-6 and V-8 with 1st airbag implementation
• Invented and commercialized remote audio controls concept
• Poster-Merger Integration Leader to combine departments and processes for Chrysler/AMC Merger
Previous Companies:
• DaimlerChrysler • Chrysler • American Motors Corp • Intellectual Ventures • Ford

Over 25 yrs of automotive experience
Expert in automotive product engineering, development, manufacturing, sourcing, integration, labor
Experienced in intellectual property analysis and strategy
Experiences at major US automotive brands as well as start-ups
Experiences with electric vehicles
Contributed to Grand Cherokee, Magnum, Wrangler, Dodge Dakota
Responsible for manufacturing in Mexico, Canada, and US.

Core Expertise:
• 4G, 5G, IoT • RF, Microwave, mmWave, THz • Radar, Signal/Power Integrity, antenna test • Test and Measurement • Design Simulation Tools
2 patents
Previous Companies:
• Tektronix • Hewlett-Packard • Agilent Technologies • Lockheed Martin • Texas Instruments • Raytheon

Technical marketing engineer actively involved in developing and commercializing new technologies for commercial wireless, aerospace & defense, Research, EMC, and automotive applications.
Unique combination of R&D, technical marketing and international business experience in various leadership positions.
Product line manager, product marketing and launch, digital marketing, sales channel development, content creator and market researcher and segmentation