GPS, Assisted GPS (A-GPS), cellular network positioning (AFLT/OTDOA/Cell ID), WiFi positioning (RSSI, RTT, fingerprinting, trilateration), hybrid positioning, indoor positioning, crowdsourced database, position location protocols in 3GPP/3GPP2 (IS-801/RRLP/RRC/LLP/SUPL), location-aware apps, location-based services (LBS), navigation, wide area and global GPS reference networks, extended ephemeris
    Object-oriented software design, software development, mathematical algorithms, modeling, statistics, numerical analysis, probability theory, data analysis
    Languages/OS: C, C++, Matlab, Unix shell, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X
Outstanding Scholar in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Australian Bureau of Statistics Scholarship, Member of Golden Key International Honor Society
Qualcomm, Self-driving vehicle startups
Automotive Infotainment, Linux, Apache, Big Data, Hadoop, HDFS, Spark, Kafka, Ambari
MS, 20+ years of experience, IEEE Senior Member, Authored a technical book on building embedded Linux systems
Linux Foundation, Verimatrix, Teradyne, Macrotron Process Technologies
Connected Car, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Wireless, Semiconductor Reference Boards, Telecommunications, Networking and Defense, PCB Layout and Design, Schamatic Capture, Fabrication and Assembly
MS, 20+ yrs experience, 12 patents, Pioneer of connected car and infotainment system
Multiple Acquired Start-ups
Automotive applications, Connected car, Infotainment, Wearables
PhD, 10 yrs of experience, Co-invented the most widely adopted platform for smartphone-automotive interface, Pioneered integration of wearables with automotive systems, Multiple awards for inventions in automotive infotainment & sensor networks, 30+ patents, 25+ papers, 1 book
Nokia, Microsoft
Electrical and Control Systems including Collision Avoidance, AutoSar, Active Safety, NX, Embedded Systems, ECU, actuators, Diagnostics, OBDII, Prognostics, Dyno and Vehicle Testing, Verification and Validation, Model-based Development
16 yrs of extensive automotive experience and expertise, Specialty in electrical and control systems, including collision avoidance, Completed important projects for major customers (Ford, Chrysler, Delphi)
Motorola, Siemens, Honeywell, General Motors
Electromagnetic valve control system (EMVS), Design of electric machines and linear actuators, Integration of electric and mechanical systems, Aerospace, Induction machines and hydro-power
Fellow IEEE, PhD in EE, 30 yrs of automotive R&D experience, Expert in automotive electrical and electromagnetic components and systems, Expert witness experience (Deposition and Trial Testimony)
General Motors, Delphi, Adjunct professor at multiple universities