Multimedia, Vocoder, VoLTE, Speech/Image/Video Coding, AAC, AMR, CELP, Wideband AMR, EVS, IoT, EVRC, ITU-T G.7xx family of codecs
• 7 granted patents
• Senior member of IEEE
• Vice-Chair of TIA TR45.5.1.1 CDMA Multi-Media Group
• Many technical webinars, speakership, presentation & publications
Qualcomm, Nokia, Rockwell International
DSL Satellite, Semiconductor, Video Compression, Video Streaming, VoIP, Embedded Software, Internet Software
Ph.D, 20+ Yrs of experience, 2 Patents, 8 Publication
Maxim Integrated Products, Texas Instrument, 8*8, Hughes Aircraft
CATV Networks, Protocols and Equipment, Convergence Technologies, Cisco Systems Instructor, LAN, WAN, Internet, Ethernet, MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, Optical Networks and Equipment, Project Management for Telecommunications and Wireless Projects, TCP/IP Protocols and Applications, Telephone equipment & operations, Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice over Wi-Fi, VoIP Security, Wired Networks (PBX, Voice, Data, VoIP, Call Centers, 800 services), Wireless Networks (Cellular, GSM, 3/4G, GPRS, & SMS/MMS), Wireless Technologies and Standards (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Cellular (3/4G), GSM, GPRS, SMS, MMS, etc.)
BBA, 30+ years of experience, Provided extended training at AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and 150 Regional Bell Operating Companies and most of the large manufactures such as Nortel-Networks, Lucent [now Alcatel-Lucent], Avaya, Mitel, Siemens, Alcatel, Newbridge, Marconi, Cisco
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Data General Corporation, US Army Signal Corps, Fidelity Investments, WPVI-TV6 Philadelphia, Telcordia, CIA, FBI, NSA
• Extensive experience in performing analysis of the computational bounds of a system to implement changes that consider performance in order to dramatically improve video quality. • Experience building and enhancing x264, WebM and FFmpeg on various operating systems including Linux, AndroidOS, iOS, Cygwin and others. • Designed developed and brought to market real-time video systems based on the video standards H.261, H.263++, H.264/AVC (BP and MP), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. • Participated in the standardization of HEVC (H.265), the next-generation video codec. • Deep understanding of compilers, tools, and embedded video application development on specialized hardware architectures such as TI’s DaVinci, Trimedia, Equator, Altivec, 16-way SIMD architectures, ARM NEON, and Pentium (MMX/ SSE/ SSE2/AVX, etc.)
3 Granted patents, 2 Applications
Intel, Picturetel, Teraglobal, Polycom, Chipwrights, Zeevee, Ambric, Logitech/Lifesize Communications

• +27 yrs of experience
• Expert in improving the visual quality of real-time video codecs, encoding, transcoding and streaming
• Extensive Video Consulting background