Core Expertise:
Most projects support a wide variety of IP customer needs ranging from transistor-level circuit extraction & analysis of memories and mixed-signal (analog/digital) chips to system-level testing, for example, firmware disassembly & analysis and signal tracing & analysis. Example projects: o Selected circuit extractions from commodity and embedded DRAMs o Analog circuit extraction & analysis of a Megapixel CMOS imager o Various firmware extractions from “secure” MPUs o A hardware-level security audit of a stored-value card
Previous Companies:
Texas Instruments • Chipworks • Alliacense

• 35 years of engineering experience in semiconductor design, analysis, measurement, debug, failure analysis and patent infringement analysis. • Prior to freelancing, worked at the memory design firm Mosaid from 1980 to 1994 (64K to 16M DRAM generations) in various roles including designer, design manager, and engineering sales. David now reverseengineers RAM circuits for IP clients, his most recent analysis being a 90 nm embedded DRAM in a leading cellphone device.