Dr. Masoud Vakili Named Chief Strategy Officer

SAN DIEGO, California — April 10, 2016 — GHB Intellect today announced that Dr. Masoud Vakili, a veteran of the intellectual property industry, will be joining GHB Intellect as Chief Strategy Officer and member of the executive team, reporting to President, Dr. Ghobad Heidari.

Dr. Masoud Vakili

Dr. Masoud Vakili will have oversight of the strategic direction and business development for GHB Intellect. We are a company that has redefined the intellectual property consulting experience for clients from around the world. GHB Intellect sets the standard in expertise and service quality to help clients get the most out of their intellectual property portfolios without exceeding their budgets. This marks a commitment to high quality intellectual property valuation services for the firm.

“I am delighted that Dr. Vakili has joined our team,” said Dr. Heidari. “He brings a shared vision of the goals of GHB Intellect and our focus on providing unprecedented IP consulting services through strategic, technological and financial expertise. As GHB Intellect continues to grow and add to its IP services, we also continue to add to our level and breadth of expertise. Dr. Vakili brings decades of IP experience and new insight to our IP offerings.”

“I am profoundly honored to join GHB Intellect in this position and very much look forward to working with the team to further enrich our clients’ experiences,” says Dr. Masoud Vakili. “I have admired the strategic implementation of GHB Intellect’s IP expertise and hope to help contribute to the company’s continued success in a changing era.

Dr. Masoud Vakili is an Intellectual Property professional with over 20 years of experience in IP transactions including IP licensing and valuation, IP acquisitions, and patent portfolio prosecution. Throughout his career, Dr. Vakili has been involved in many high profile IP transactions. From 2008 to 2015, he was with Intellectual Ventures Management, where, as the Director of Valuation Management, he led the acquisition transaction valuation team. Previously, he served as the IP Manager at Silicon Optix, where he ran a successful IP program from 2003 to 2008, resulting in the successful acquisition of the company. Dr. Vakili has been an invited speaker at the US Patent and Trademark Office and has dozens of refereed publications.

GHB Intellect is a globally-recognized, full-service, intellectual property consulting firm based in San Diego, CA. GHB Intellect offers services that include IP Strategy Development, Portfolio Management, Patent Analysis and Valuation, Litigation Support, M&A Support, Reverse Engineering, Technology Assessment, and Technology Development.

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