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LED Device Structure Case Study Project

Teardown the LED devices and determine their construct

Hearing Aid Case Study Project

Packet sniffing on communication between the devices and various smartphones

Stacked Chip Stress Testing Case Study

Quantitatively measure stress within the chips

Wireless Docking Station Teardown Case Study Project

Determine/Estimate the architecture of the active antenna array technology used in the product.

RF Module Amplifier Architectural Analysis and Simulation Case Study

Determine if the Power Amplifier Module (PAM) uses Doherty combiner architecture and simulate its performance under dynamic loads

CPU-PCB Adhesion Analysis Case Study

Analyze the interface between the copper layers and the insulator layers in the package PCB.

H.264 Players Case Study

Determine if the products use certain optional features of the H.264 video codec standard.

Smartphone Video Decoder Case Study Project

Confirm the smartphone include an organic DASH client