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Case Study: Patent Valuation of a Brewing Company

Strong patent portfolios are highly sought after. They establish a sense of confidence in creating high company valuation and providing leverage in certain transactions. In this case study, we provide an in-depth explanation of our services and market analyses to determine a fair market valuation of a brewing company.

Case Study: Fair Market Value of a CSP Supplier

A common question that many businesses face is establishing and verifying how much their patent portfolio is worth. There is a multitude of factors that may impact your patent valuation, from your predicted cash flow to comparisons with similar and local industries whose work may align with yours.

DOCSIS 3.0 Set-Top-Box Tuner Architecture Case Study

Recreate the RF Local Oscillator architecture of the tuner using black-box testing.

Base Station Antennas Case Study

Characterize the antenna array elements through measurements and simulations

Touchscreen Analysis Case Study Project

Determine the structure and material of the touchscreens

LED Device Structure Case Study Project

Teardown the LED devices and determine their construct

Hearing Aid Case Study Project

Packet sniffing on communication between the devices and various smartphones

Stacked Chip Stress Testing Case Study

Quantitatively measure stress within the chips

Wireless Docking Station Teardown Case Study Project

Determine/Estimate the architecture of the active antenna array technology used in the product.