Core Expertise
• IP Valuation, IP Litigation Support (infringement analysis, invalidity analysis) • Product Development Support: technical design reviews, FDA and GMP compliance reviews, FDA, GMP Guidelines • Laparoscopic and endoscopic devices: surgical waste management, suction irrigation devices, surgical knives, linear cutters, linear staplers, circular staplers, dissectors, graspers, surgical staplers, skin staplers, anastomotic stapling devices • Respiratory devices: oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems, compressed oxygen gas tanks, gas pressure regulators, oxygen conserving devices, portable ventilators, breathing circuits • Sleep Therapy Devices: CPAP, BPAP, portable ventilators, sleep masks • Respiratory Diagnosis: Spiromters, Flow Sensors, Polysomnograpgy
Previous Companies
Nellcor Puritan Bennett • Ethicon Endo-Surgery • Digital Equipment Corporation • Tektronix